Jepson Research Symposium

The Jepson School of Leadership Studies hosts a symposium each spring to give students an opportunity to showcase their research projects and to recognize students who will earn honors. This event is typically held in Jepson Hall and includes student exhibits and remarks by faculty who are advising honors students.

The 11th annual Jepson Research Symposium and Honors Recognition Ceremony, held on April 22, 2022, featured research by 18 students, including eight honors theses. 

2022 Jepson Research Symposium
  • Research-Symposium
  • Charlotte-Moynihan
  • Ally-Osterberg
  • Alex-Swift
  • Ahsan-Suheer-Ahmad
  • Sandra-Peart-listening
  • Oona-Elovaara
  • Olivia-Podber
  • Matt-Barnes
  • Meredith-Johnson
  • Megan-Geher
  • Katie-Encinas
  • Will-Brooks
  • Haley-Huamani
  • Anna-Marston
  • Caroline-Devita