Student Research

Leadership doesn't just happen in the world outside the classroom. At Jepson, students recognize that leadership is necessary in every facet of life—and that their research can help lead the way. Jepson students learn to ask hard questions, critically examine the world as it is, and use their research to make it better.

Together with Jepson's renowned faculty, students are on the forefront of research that defines the field. Faculty and students work side by side to gain insight into leadership as a basic part of the human condition and explore diverse topics in history, law, economics, political science, philosophy, literature, psychology, religion, and public administration.

In the past, students have done research on topics such as political engagement, gender stereotypes, deliberative democracy, criminal justice inequities, leadership and development in Latin America, and an analysis of maverick leaders in sports, politics, and business.

Diverse research fellowships and grants support student research. As a result, students are able to participate in both independent research projects and collaborative research with faculty, develop cross-school collaborations, present their research at conferences, co-author papers with faculty, and develop close relationships.

Some students conduct a senior thesis or senior honors thesis. Many students choose to continue their research at some of the nation's top graduate schools.