Jepson EDGE Institute

The Jepson EDGE Institute is designed to give leadership studies students a professional advantage in the world and workplace. Students learn critical skills and strategies for internships, jobs, graduate school, and life after college. The institute is open to all Jepson students and offers interactive sessions presented predominantly by Jepson alumni.

Students explore career interests and goals, develop professional skills and strategies, and gain valuable insights from alumni in a variety of fields, all of which will enable them to excel in life after college.

The day concludes with a networking reception.

  • Consider and refine career interests and goals
  • Develop and practice essential networking skills and techniques
  • Cultivate strategies to interact and communicate effectively with colleagues in a professional setting
  • Craft and refine the way you explain your Jepson degree and the ways in which leadership studies has prepared you to pursue your career interests and goals