Jepson students are a diverse, academically gifted group selected through essays and academic performance as well as recommendations and extracurricular activities. They represent a cross-section of the University of Richmond population and have a wide range of interests. They pursue diverse career paths and excel on and off campus. Jepson students go through the academic program as a cohort and build close relationships with each other and the faculty.

Deadline and next steps

  • Students seeking admission apply during the fall semester of their second year.
  • Eligible students must have completed Leadership Studies 101 or 102 with a grade of C- or better or be enrolled in Leadership Studies 101 (Leadership and the Humanities) or Leadership Studies 102 (Leadership and the Social Sciences) during the fall admissions process in order to apply.
  • The associate dean for student and external affairs oversees the application process and can answer questions or meet with interested prospective students and their parents.

What to expect

The goal of the Jepson School is to develop in each student a base of knowledge that provides the conceptual tools that support the exercise of leadership in a variety of settings. The School provides a rigorous course of study in the history, theory, ethics, and techniques of leader/follower relationships. Students have the opportunity to participate in an honors program and graduates are awarded a Bachelor of Arts degree with a major in leadership studies.


After meeting the fall application deadline, the new class is notified of acceptance and the new class is welcomed into the Jepson community at Prelude. Attendance by new students is required.