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Educating Tomorrow’s Leaders

Jepson alumni are leaders in business, nonprofits, government, education, health care, communications, and their communities. They have led major initiatives for Fortune 100 companies, pioneered health care and medical innovations, been named their state’s teacher of the year, and founded and run nonprofits.

Working across the globe in the Americas, Asia, Africa, and Europe, nearly 2,000 Jepson alumni are leading positive change in their companies, organizations, and communities. 

Whether their title is president, founder, doctor, professor, entrepreneur, lawyer, consultant, public servant, or community member, their leadership expertise sets them apart.


Leadership doesn’t just happen in the world outside the classroom. At Jepson, students recognize that leadership is necessary in every facet of life — and that their research can help lead the way. Jepson students learn to ask hard questions, critically examine the world as it is, and use their research to make it better.

Jepson EDGE Institute

The Jepson EDGE Institute gives Jepson students a professional edge. It teaches students critical skills and strategies for landing internships and jobs, entering graduate school, and navigating life after college.


Jepson internships help students integrate what they have learned in their leadership studies with experiences in business, government, educational, nonprofit, or other settings.

Jepson Scholars Program

The Jepson Scholars Program provides up to four scholarships annually for graduating Jepson School seniors to pursue a one-year master's degree program at the University of Oxford.

Leadership Opportunities

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