The Jepson School Award for Leadership and Service

This award recognizes a person who has taken an active role in community life and sets an example for others and whose actions reflect the mission of Jepson. The award is presented at the discretion of the dean and may not be awarded every year.

Any alumna/alumnus, faculty, staff, or emeriti faculty or staff may contact the dean. At the discretion of the faculty, more than one award may be given. Normally, the award will be presented at Reunion Weekend.

Candidates must meet the following criteria to be considered for selection:

  • Active leadership or significant accomplishment in civic, religious, and/or professional activities tied to community service
  • A high degree of character and integrity

Past Recipients

George (Al) Goethals, Jepson professor emeritus
Crystal Hoyt, Jepson professor
Jonathan Zur, '03, Jepson alumus
Greg Efthimiou, '99, Jepson alumnus
Susan D. Murphy, former director of programs and budgets at the Jepson School 
Joanne B. Ciulla, Jepson professor emerita
Gill Robinson Hickman, Jepson professor emerita
Gary L. McDowell, Jepson professor emeritus
Terry L. Price, Jepson professor
J. Thomas Wren, Jepson professor emeritus
Mr. Robert S. Jepson Jr., B'64, GB'75, H'87, and Mrs. Alice Andrews Jepson, Jepson School benefactors