Advising Guide: Leadership Studies

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  • Fall 2023 Registration Advising

    Fall registration advising begins on Monday, March 27. Registration for Fall 2023 begins on Monday, April 3. Please consult your registration rotation

    Students are expected to consult thoroughly and substantively with their Jepson academic advisors prior to registration. Ultimately, however, students are responsible for completing all general education, major, and minor requirements. 

    Fall 2023 Advising Guide 

  • The Cohort System: Prerequisites and Timing of Core Courses

    The LDST required courses sequence is managed with prerequisites. Students are responsible for enrolling in the required courses in the appropriate semester.

    LDST 101 Leadership and the Humanities and LDST 102 Leadership and the Social Sciences must be taken by the end of sophomore year. LDST 210 Justice and Civil Society should be completed by this time as well.

    All LDST students will need to be enrolled in 249 Quantitative Social Sciences and/or LDST 250 Critical Thinking and Methods of Inquiry in the spring of their sophomore year. LDST 249 and LDST 250 should be completed by the end of junior year--in advance of or in conjuction with LDST 300 (which is taken during junior year).

    LDST 101, 102, 249, and 250 are prerequisites for LDST 300 Theories and Models of Leadership. Unless studying abroad, students must take LDST 300 in the fall of the junior year.

    LDST 300 is a prerequisite for LDST 450 Leadership Ethics, which must be taken in the fall of senior year. 

    LDST 488 Internship should be taken in the spring of junior year (.5 units) and LDST 489 in the fall of senior year (.5 units) for a total of 1 unit.