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Recent Faculty Articles and Book Chapters

Jepson faculty members contribute to leadership scholarship by drawing on a variety of academic disciplines. They publish research in a wide array of academic journals as appropriate to their individual disciplines. Following is a listing of faculty publications in academic journals from January 2019 through December 2019.  

George R. Goethals

"The Metamorphosis of the Hero: Principles, Processes, and Purpose" in Frontiers in Psychology 
Scott T. Allison, George R. Goethals, Allison R. Marrinan, Owen M. Parker, Smaragda P. Spyrou, and Madison Stein

Javier Hidalgo

"The Ethics of Resisting Immigration Law" in Philosophy Compass
Javier Hidalgo

Crystal L. Hoyt

"Growth Mindsets of Alcoholism Buffer Against Deleterious Effects of Drinking Identity on Problem Drinking Over Time" in Alcoholism: Clinical and Experimental Research
K.P. Lindgren, J.L. Burnette, C.L. Hoyt, K.P. Peterson, and C. Neighbors

"Public Health Messages and Weight-Related Beliefs: Implications for Well-Being and Stigma" in Frontiers in Psychology
C.L. Hoyt, J.L. Burnette, F.N. Thomas, and K. Orvidas

"A Growth Mindset Intervention: Enhancing Students' Entrepreneurial Self-Efficacy and Career Development" in Entrepreneurship Theory and Practice 
J.L. Burnette, J.M. Pollack, R.B. Forsyth, C.L. Hoyt, A.D. Babij, F.N. Thomas, and A. Coy 

"Understanding Sexual Prejudice: The Role of Political Ideology and Strategic Essentials" in Journal of Applied Social Psychology
C.L. Hoyt, T. Morgenroth, and J.L. Burnette

"A Growth Mind-Set Intervention Improves Interest but Not Academic Performance in the Field of Computer Science" in Social Psychological and Personality Science
J.L. Burnette, C.L. Hoyt, V.M. Russell, B. Lawson, C.S. Dweck, and E. Finkel

"Randomized Trial of a Single-Session Growth Mind-Set Intervention for Rural Adolescents' Internalizing and Externalizing Problems" in Journal of Clinical Child and Adolescent Psychology
J.L. Schleider, J.L. Burnette, L. Widman, C.L. Hoyt, and M.J. Prinstein

"Failing and Feeling Bad: How We Think About Experiencing Negative Emotions During Setbacks" in Motivation and Emotion
A.D. Babij, J.L. Burnette, and C.L. Hoyt

"Mindsets of Addiction: Implications for Treatment Intentions" in Journal of Social and Clinical Psychology
J.L. Burnette, R.B. Forsyth, S.L. Desmarais, and C.L. Hoyt

"Mindsets of Health and Healthy Eating Intentions" in Journal of Applied Social Psychology
F.N. Thomas, J.L. Burnette, and C.L. Hoyt

"Efficacy and Growth Mindsets Buffer Against Identity Threat for Women in Leadership Positions" in Women's Leadership Journeys: Stories, Research, and Novel Perspectives
C.L. Hoyt and J.L. Burnette

"Gender and Leadership" in Leadership: Theory and Practice, 8th Edition
S. Simon and C.L. Hoyt

Peter Iver Kaufman

"Messianisms and Magistrates: Augustine, Anabaptism, and Agamben" in Syndicate 
Peter Iver Kaufman

Sandra J. Peart

"William Beveridge's 'Mock Trial of Economists'" in The Review of Austrian Economics 
David M. Levy and Sandra J. Peart

"On Fallibility and Perfection: Boettke’s Hayek vs. Mainline Economics" in The Review of Austrian Economics
Sandra J. Peart

"James Buchanan and the Return to an Economics of Natural Equals" in James M. Buchanan: A Theorist of Political Economy and Social Philosophy
Sandra J. Peart and David M. Levy

Christopher R. von Rueden

"The Dynamics of Men's Cooperation and Social Status in a Small-Scale Society" in Proceedings of the Royal Society B: Biological Sciences
Christopher R. von Rueden, Daniel Redhead, Rick O'Gorman, Hillard Kaplan, and Michael Gurven 

"Niche Diversity Can Explain Cross-Cultural Differences in Personality Structure" in Nature Human Behavior
Paul E. Smaldino, Aaron Lukaszewski, Christopher von Rueden, and Michael Gurven

"Toward Integration of the Niche Diversity Hypothesis with Other Explanations for Personality Covariation: Reply to Mededovic's (2019) Commentary on Lukaszewski et al. (2017)" in Social Psychology and Personality Science
Aaron Lukaszewski, Michael Gurven, Christopher R. von Rueden, and Paul Smaldino

"Making and Unmaking Egalitarianism in Small-Scale Human Societies" in Current Opinion in Psychology
Christopher R. von Rueden

"The Evolutionary Anthropology of Political Leadership" in The Leadership Quarterly
Zachary H. Garfield, Christopher R. von Rueden, and Edward H. Hagen

David E. Wilkins

"Battling for Human Rights in Indian Country" in Tribal Law Journal
David E. Wilkins