About the Jepson School of Leadership Studies

Stewards of Leadership

Leadership moves the world. That’s why it’s important, why we study it, and why we strive to do it well.

A Jepson education investigates leadership not only as a position but also as a process and a relationship among people. Students look at leadership as it was, as it is, and as it should be. Courses challenge students to think critically, communicate effectively, and anticipate change.

After all, change is certain. Leadership ensures that change is intentional.

The First of its Kind

The Jepson School is the first institution of its kind in the world with a full-time, multidisciplinary faculty dedicated to the pursuit of new insights into the complexities and challenges of leadership and to teaching undergraduates about effective, ethical leadership.

Aerial view of Jepson Hall on a spring day.


The goal of the Jepson School is to develop in each student a base of knowledge that provides the conceptual tools that support the exercise of leadership in a variety of settings. The School provides a rigorous course of study in the history, theory, ethics, and techniques of leader/follower relationships.

The Jepson Community

The Jepson School attracts diverse students who share a common interest in studying leadership. From the time they join the School as sophomores until they graduate three years later, students actively participate in a thriving, tight-knit community.

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