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Jepson Alumni Corps

The Jepson Alumni Corps gives alumni who are passionate about giving back another opportunity to do so. The Corps includes alumni from a broad spectrum of career fields and graduation years. The deans invite alumni to serve a two- or three-year term on one of two committees: alumni engagement or student engagement. Reappointment is possible.

The group meets at least twice annually, advises the deans and staff, educates external parties about the Jepson School, participates in events and programs to assist current students, serves as a liaison between alumni and the School, and participates in a broad range of initiatives that support the School.

The 2018-2019 Jepson Alumni Corps members are: 

Tyler Barbarin, '14
Jessica Bigby, '04
Braxton Bragg, '06
Jennifer Brillhart, '02
Kate Brown, '12
Cait Burns, '12
J.C. Carleton, '98
Dani Camous, '13
Rooney Columbus, '14
Melissa Cramer, '11
Molly Cramer, '14
Laura DelPrato, '14
Patrick DePeters, '10
Robert Drewry, '12
Erin Dunstan, '17
Lindsay Flanagan, '14
Ryan Foster, '17
Abby Huth, '16
Paul Jakubowski, '00
Karen Kochel, '03
Aaron Lee, '00
Lacie Leming, '13
Kyle Linardo, '15
David Lynn, '00
Renee Macbeth, '00
Krista Madio, '11
Alison Mangiero, '05
Mark Melvin, '02
Luke Parsons, '10
Kristen Petrocelli, '14
Brittney Quinones, '13
Celeste Reppond, '14
Kate Rezabek, '02, JAC Co-Chair
Jessica Ruzic, '10
Danielle Schwiezer, '15
Hira Siddiqui, '16
Shenee Simon, '02
Chris Smith, '98
John Sobieski, '14
Sarah Tondorf, '09
Max Vanderheyden, '13
Michael Watrous, '03, JAC Co-Chair 
Lucy Wise, '13
Rose Wynn, '14
Julie Yermack, '13