Jepson Alumni Corps

The Jepson Alumni Corps gives alumni who are passionate about giving back another opportunity to do so. The corps includes alumni from a broad spectrum of career fields and graduation years. The deans invite alumni to serve a two- or three-year term on one of two committees: alumni engagement or student engagement. Reappointment is possible.

Members meet at least twice annually, advise the deans and staff, educate external parties about the Jepson School, participate in events and programs to assist current students, serve as liaisons between alumni and the school, and engage in a broad range of initiatives that support the school.

2023-24 Jepson Alumni Corps Members

Katie Azer, '08 Maggie Johnson, '18 Kate Rezabek, '02
Tyler Barbarin, '14 Kevin Kennedy, '20 Benedict Roemer, '19
Adrian Bitton, '09 Karen Kochel, '03 Dylan Rowell, '18
Braxton Bragg, '06 Aaron Lee, '00 Jessica Ruzic, '10
Maddie Bright, '19 Oliver Lee, '16 Sneha Salgam, '18
Katherine Brumund, '20 Lacie Horak Leming, '13 Samuel Shapiro, '23
Ariel Clemmer, '05 Kyle Linardo, '15 Shenee Simon, '02
Melissa Cramer, '11 David Lynn, '00 Chris Smith, '98
Hope Cummins, '19 Renee Macbeth, '00 John Sobieski, '14
Chelsey Davidson, '17 Ivana Marshall, '17 Gabe Soll, '99
Laura DelPrato, '14 Mallory Meyer, '16 Sarah Tondorf, '09
Conor Flanagan, '12 Jack Mullin, '20 Griffin Trau, '18
Joseph Greener, '13 Lauren Bifulco Murray, '06 Amy Vest, '04
Donald Hillbish, '00 Patrick O'Keefe, '22 Caroline Weber, '17
Cady Hoffman, '18 Charlotte Pratt, '21 Kendra White, '01
Matt Holyst, '20 Erin Dunstan Price, '17 Rose Wynn, '14
Taylor Hoogsteden, '20 Carson Raymond, '08