The Jepson Internship

The Jepson internship reflects the School's rigor and commitment to deeper learning through reflection and conversation and is an important component in the Jepson academic experience. It is designed to help students integrate what they have learned in their studies of leadership with experiences in business, government, educational, nonprofit, or other settings. The internship provides the means to help students translate theory into practice.


The internship requirement is generally completed the summer between junior and senior year so students have time to complete the necessary coursework that will help them get the most out of the experience. Students enroll in two .5 credit courses, one in the spring before their internship and one in the fall following their internship. The courses provide students with professional development, such as networking with alumni in the spring and negotiating job offers and managing work/life balance in the fall.

The internship component requires that students complete 240 hours of field work at an agency, organization or business where they will have the opportunity to participate in a site orientation, complete concrete tasks that involve leadership responsibility, observe leadership on a regular basis, and obtain coaching and feedback from a site supervisor.

Interns and their site supervisors develop learning contracts that outline specific tasks, hours, goals, and expectations, so both interns and organizations get the most out of the experience. Interns complete several written assignments where they connect theory to practice and reflect on their experience. They also submit a final portfolio.

Students attend a mandatory internship orientation session in the fall semester and are urged to begin their internship search during the winter holiday break. The associate dean for student and external affairs and staff from Career Services work with students to identify internship opportunities, but it is the student's responsibility to secure and arrange an internship that supports their career goals.

Recent Internships

Jepson internships are as diverse as the student body. Recent internships have been with congressional offices, foundations, medical centers, museums, government agencies, and businesses and consulting firms. These internships often set the stage for students' futures.