The Jepson Internship

The Jepson internship helps students integrate what they have learned in their studies of leadership with experiences in the business, government, education, or nonprofit sectors.

Completion of an academically grounded internship of at least 240 hours is a requirement for leadership studies majors. Students typically undertake their required internship the summer between junior and senior year. They enroll in two .5-credit courses, one in the spring before their internship and one in the fall following their internship, designed to provide professional development. For example, the spring course course offers networking with alumni and tips on finding and interviewing for internships. The fall course focuses on negotiating job offers and managing work-life balance.

Jepson internships are as diverse as the student body. Recent internships have been with congressional offices, foundations, medical centers, museums, government agencies, and businesses and consulting firms. These internships often set the stage for students' futures.