The Jepson School’s relatively small size, distinguished faculty, and enthusiastic, caring alumni make it fertile ground for mentoring opportunities.

Students and professors explore their shared interests in various aspects of leadership through research. Some students delve into independent research projects under the guidance of a faculty mentor.

Others collaborate with faculty members on their disciplinary research, even co-presenting at conferences. Still others, supervised by a faculty mentor, undertake rigorous honors thesis research, which they present at the annual Jepson Student Research Symposium. 

The School’s annual Jepson EDGE Institute, a professional development program, pairs alumni mentors with students, based on students’ career interests. Alumni help students prepare for and connect to internships and post-graduation jobs. Increasingly, alumni are hiring students and recent graduates for roles within their organizations.

The interactive nature of leadership studies classes, which often involve discussions and group work, fosters organic peer-to-peer mentoring. The Jepson Student Government Association, Jepson Corps, and Jepson Community Groups all provide opportunities for students to interact with and learn from each other.