Brief Bios of 2021-22 Officers

Emily Anastos, '22
VP for Student Affairs

Hometown: Newport Beach, Calif.
Major: leadership studies 
Minor: entrepreneurship
Activities: Alpha Phi Omega (APO) VP of fellowship, Chaarg member, BARK volunteer, user-interface independent contractor at CSRHub.
Why I love Jepson: Jepson professors and courses have forced me to reflect, reevaluate, and challenge my paradigms and biases. 
Why I want to serve on JSGA: I want to support Jespon students' success and experience as we come back from a disorienting year and regain our sense of autonomy. 
Fun fact: When I was six, I inadvertently saved my neighbor's house from burning down, because I stayed up past my bedtime to look at her dogs from my bedroom window. I saw smoke and called 911.

Ella Crystal, '24
Sophomore Senator

Hometown: Bronxville, N.Y.
leadership studies and sociology
art history
Office of Alumni Relations student worker, Kappa Delta Sorority member
Why I love Jepson: 
I am proud to be a part of a community where both students and faculty are so dedicated to learning more about the invaluable skill of leadership. I love the unique way Jepson classes teach students how leadership can translate across vastly different forums.
Why I want to serve on JSGA: I am excited to be a liaison between not only Jepson students and faculty members, but also Jepson and the greater UR community. After a difficult adjustment to school last year due to the pandemic, I look forward to serving as an advocate for each and every sophomore.
Fun fact:
When I was little, I caught a baseball thrown by Derek Jeter.

Madyson Fitzgerald, '23
Executive VP

Hometown: South Chesterfield, Va.
Majors: leadership studies and journalism
Activities: Alpha Phi Omega spirit chair, Black Student Alliance member, Collegian photographer, Women's Club Rugby member, student phonathon worker, and Athletics Department photographer
Why I love Jepson: Jepson classes introduce students to both practical and soft skills necessary for life after college. Everything I've learned in Jepson has prepared me for becoming a leader in practice and in mind.
Why JSGA: I want to create more opportunities for freshmen of color to learn about what the Jepson School has to offer as well as safe spaces for people of color to talk about ways to improve race relations in Jepson and the University as a whole. I also want to create more opportunities for Jepson students to get involved in the Greater Richmond community. Most importantly, I want to serve as a voice for everyone within the Jepson School by listening to all points of view.
Fun Fact: Trey Songz visited my dad's restaurant, but he didn't tell me until after the fact ... I'm not upset.

Caitlyn Lindstrom, '22

Hometown: Las Vegas, Nev.
Majors: leadership studies and political science
Activities: resident assistant, CCE operations assistant, Trick or Treat Street philanthropy chair, Phi Alpha Delta Law Fraternity member
Why I love Jepson: My Jepson courses have provided me with in-depth discussions and the opportunity to take class trips to learn about real-world issues. I love how engaged and inquisitive Jepson students are regarding social issues and phenomena across many disciplines.
Why JSGA: The sense of community in Jepson is strong, and I want to immerse myself beyond the classroom. JSGA continues to show me the many resources Jepson has, and I love being a voice among my peers to decide what opportunities best enhance our community's experience.
Fun Fact: I went to high school with Snoop Dog's son and Muhammad Ali's grandson.


Ally Osterberg, '22
VP for Academic Affairs

Hometown: Winston-Salem, N.C.
Majors: leadership studies and Latin American, Latino, and Iberian studies (LALIS)
Minor: health studies
Activities: Bonner Scholar, Women's Ultimate Frisbee Club member, UR tour guide
Why I love Jepson: Jepson inspires students to be active in the communities they are involved in, whether on campus, in the city of Richmond, or back home. Jepson encourages students not to be content with the world around them, but to work towards the change they want to see. 
Why JSGA: I want to help incorporate more student voices into academic decisions and help create more out-of-classroom opportunities for students! 
Fun Fact: During my first year of college, I trained myself to like oranges.

Ally Palalay, '24
Sophomore Senator

Virginia Beach, Va.
leadership studies and health studies
secondary education
Student Center of Equity and Inclusion student assistant, member of Affinity Group for the Asian Sisters in Alliance, Women's Club Volleyball co-president, Asian American Student Union chair for internal relations, UR tour guide
Why I love Jepson: 
The Jepson School fosters understanding through sharing our thoughts, stories, and voices. We are constantly challenged to commit to making change within our communities.
Why JSGA: I want to cultivate an environment in which students are excited to learn from different perspectives. Beyond the racial and social justice conversations that occur in our classrooms, I want to provide students of color with safe spaces to express and explore their cultural identities. I want to promote the major/minor to prospective students.
Fun fact: 
As a high school junior, I wrote, sang, recorded, and produced an autobiographical music video to the song "Bye Bye Bye" by NSYNC. Only the true homies have seen it.

Ben Queen, '23
VP for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Hometown: Long Island, N.Y.
Major: leadership studies
Minor: entrepreneurship
Activities: WDCE Radio DJ, Black Student Alliance member, Multicultural Student Solidarity Network member, Robins School of Business special events assistant
Why I love Jepson: The study of leadership is eclectic. It uses examples from the world and many disciplines to help us understand the phenomenon known as leadership.
Why JSGA: I want to help the Jepson School better promote itself to those who may not have given the major/minor a second thought. I also want to be honest about what I'm promoting to prospective leadership studies students, which means helping improve this community and making it something I can take pride in.
Fun fact: I play alto saxophone, piano, and ukulele.

Kiran Saini, '24
Sophomore Senator

Columbia, Md. 
leadership studies and biology, pre-med track
Bollywood Jhatkas (dance team) exec team member, South Asian Student Alliance member, Pre-health Web exec team member, Parsons Music library assistant, Science Leadership Scholar, orientation advisor
Why I love Jepson: The professors are some of the best I’ve had at UR! I also love Jepson's liberal arts approach to classes; it’s such a nice balance with all of the science courses I am taking.
Why JSGA: I want to ensure equitable and equal opportunities are being offered to all Jepson students. I also want to continue integrating the class of 2024 into the Richmond community after a COVID-19-based freshman experience.
Fun fact:
I pole vault with a club team outside of UR!

Kevin Spear, '22
VP for Finance

Hometown: Framingham, Mass.
Major: leadership studies
Minor: Latin American, Latino, and Iberian studies (LALIS)
Activities: Richmond College Student Government member, speech consultant, Alpha Kappa Psi Fraternity member, Phi Gamma Delta Fraternity member
Why I love Jepson: I love Jepson because I'm able to study multiple subjects through different perspectives. Also, I get to work closely with my classmates and learn from hearing their opinions on topics.
Why JSGA: I enjoy serving on JSGA because representing my classmates and making Jepson better for everyone is really important to me.
Fun Fact: In high school I typed every single paper on an iPhone 5 because I didn't have a laptop.

Helen Strigel, '23
VP for Public Relations

Hometown: Victoria, Va. 
leadership studies
French and law and the liberal arts
Activities: Women’s Ultimate Frisbee Club president and safety officer, Passport Cafe student assistant, Wellness 100 class peer instructor, and Sports Club Executive Council president
Why I love Jepson: Jepson gives me marketable skills and endless career options, while still being an interesting and engaging major.
Why JSGA: By serving on JSGA, I want to ensure my class can get the most out of our Jepson connections. 
Fun fact: I like to surf! 

Eyga Williamson, '22

Hometown: Bridgeport, Conn.
Majors: leadership studies and political science
Minor: American studies
Activities: Spider Cheer Team member, Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority member
Why I love Jepson: I love the Jepson community's willingness to engage in intense and difficult conversations with an open mind. 
Why JSGA: I want to serve on JSGA to further strengthen and build stronger ties within the Jepson community. 
Fun fact: I can recite the alphabet backwards!