Brief Bios of 2022-23 Officers

Madyson Fitzgerald, '23

Hometown: South Chesterfield, Va.
Majors: leadership studies and journalism
Activities: Copy chief of The Collegian, communications assistant at the Bonner Center for Civic Engagement, orientation advisor, student assistant in the Office of Student Development, and member of the Black Student Alliance, Alpha Phi Omega, and Women's Club Rugby
Why I love Jepson: Jepson classes introduce students to both practical and soft skills necessary for life after college. Everything I've learned in Jepson has prepared me for becoming a leader in practice and in mind.
Why JSGA: I want to create more opportunities for freshmen of color to learn about what the Jepson School has to offer as well as safe spaces for people of color to talk about ways to improve race relations in Jepson and the University as a whole. I also want to create more opportunities for Jepson students to get involved in the Greater Richmond community. Most importantly, I want to serve as a voice for everyone within the Jepson School by listening to all points of view.
Fun fact: Trey Songz visited my dad's restaurant, but he didn't tell me until after the fact ... I'm not upset.

Ella Crystal, '24
Junior Senator

Hometown: Bronxville, N.Y.
Majors: leadership studies and sociology
Minor: art history
Activities: Class of 2024 WCGA senator, VP of learning and development for Kappa Delta Sorority
Why I love Jepson: I am proud to be part of a community where both students and faculty are so dedicated to learning about the invaluable skill of leadership. I love the uniqueness of Jepson classes and how students learn how leadership translates across vastly different forums. 
Why JSGA: I am excited to serve as a liaison between Jepson students and faculty members and between the Jepson School and the greater UR community. 
Fun fact: When I was little, I caught a baseball thrown by Derek Jeter. 

Eleanor Lapin, '25
Sophomore Senator

Hometown: New Canaan, Ct.
Major: leadership studies
Minors: psychology and rhetoric and communications studies
Best Buddies treasurer, Center for Student Involvement desk assistant
Why I love Jepson: I appreciate Jepson professors and their eagerness to engage students in crucial conversations that we get so much out of. They encourage us to think and ask questions in a judgment-free zone. 
Why JSGA: The leadership school drew me to Richmond, and I am proud to be a Jepson student. I am excited to work with fellow JSGA officers to help my peers have the best possible experience. Not only do I have the opportunity to learn leadership skills, but now I also get to put these skills into practice. 
Fun fact: I have the same birthday as Barack Obama. 

Annie Michael, '24
Senior Senator

Louisville, Ky.
leadership studies and philosophy, politics, economics, and law (PPEL)
Member of the co-ed business fraternity Alpha Kappa Psi, member of Coalition for Christian Outreach (CCO), front desk assistant at the Well-Being Center 
Why I love Jepson: 
Jepson classes are so different and allow you to think about the world in a variety of ways.
Why JSGA: I enjoy working with others and want to serve my peers through my role on JSGA. 
Fun fact: 
I have eaten approximately 50,000 chocolate chip pancakes in my lifetime. 

Ben Queen, '23
Senior Senator

Hometown: Long Island, N.Y.
Major: leadership studies
Minor: entrepreneurship
Activities: WDCE Radio DJ, Black Student Alliance member, Multicultural Student Solidarity Network member, Robins School of Business special events assistant
Why I love Jepson: The study of leadership is eclectic. It uses examples from the world and many disciplines to help us understand the phenomenon known as leadership.
Why JSGA: I want to help the Jepson School better promote itself to those who may not have given the major/minor a second thought. I also want to be honest about what I'm promoting to prospective leadership studies students, which means helping improve this community and making it something I can take pride in.
Fun fact: I play alto saxophone, piano, and ukulele.

Kathryn Reda, '23
Senior Senator

Middletown, N.J. 
leadership studies and biochemistry
Activities: Quintero Lab member, Richmond Scholar Ambassador, Omicron Delta Kappa social chair
Why I love Jepson: The interdisciplinary curriculum draws students with a variety of academic interests. The discussion-based classes enable critical thinking and engagement. Most importantly, the professors are so accessible and really want to engage with students. 
Why JSGA: Being a part of Jepson has shaped my collegiate experience in so many incredible ways, and I want to ensure the next generation of UR students learns about all Jepson has to offer.
Fun fact: I HATE scary movies!

Kiran Saini, '24
Junior Senator

Columbia, Md.  
leadership studies and biology, pre-med track
Bollywood Jhatkas (dance team) exec team member, South Asian Student Alliance member, Pre-health Web exec team member, Parsons Music library assistant, Science Leadership Scholar, orientation advisor
Why I love Jepson: The professors are some of the best I’ve had at UR! I also love Jepson's liberal arts approach to classes; it’s such a nice balance with all of the science courses I am taking.
Why JSGA: I want to ensure equitable and equal opportunities are being offered to all Jepson students. I also want to continue integrating the class of 2024 into the Richmond community after a COVID-19-based freshman experience.
Fun fact:
I pole vault with a club team outside of UR!

Caleb Silvergleid, '25
Sophomore Senator

Hometown: Bryn Mawr, Pa. 
Majors: leadership studies and history
religious studies
Activities: Mock Trial team member, Student Conduct Council member, Middle Earth Strategy Battle Game enthusiast
Why I love Jepson: The curriculum gives students the chance to grapple with the biggest, most important questions. 
Why JSGA: I want to learn some practical leadership skills by serving on JSGA. I also want to advocate for adding courses in applied leadership to the curriculum--such as making deals and how to use persuasion.
Fun fact: I have the best dog, an English Shepherd mix that likes everyone, never barks, and can be trusted off lease. 

Abby Smith, '25
Sophomore Senator

Hometown: Attleboro, Ma.
Majors: leadership studies and psychology
Minor: Italian studies
Activities: member of the Sisterhood Committee for the Gamma Eta Chapter of Tri Delta, Center for Student Involvement employee, Planned Parenthood GenAction VP of External Affairs
Why I love Jepson: 
I applied to Richmond specifically because of Jepson. I love the interdisciplinary learning, the professors, and the edge a Jepson education gives you in a professional setting. The academic and professional support in Jepson is unmatched.
Why JSGA: I want to become more involved in the Jepson community and work closely with upperclassmen on bringing positive change to the community.
Fun fact: I eat sushi every day.  

Helen Strigel, '23
Senior Senator

Hometown: Victoria, Va.  
leadership studies
French and law and the liberal arts
Activities: Women’s Ultimate Frisbee Club Team captain and safety officer, Sport Club Executive Council president, writing consultant, and Passport Café barista
Why I love Jepson: Jepson's unique, engaging class subjects are relevant to graduate school, the workplace, and the world in general. Jepson's close-knit community of students and faculty is really special. I am excited about the blue graduation stole!
Why JSGA: I am honored to have the opportunity to use my passion for the Jepson School to make positive impacts for my peers and friends. 
Fun fact: My hometown has only one stoplight!