Brief Bios of 2020-21 Officers

Ana Paula Alvarado, '21
Vice President of Student Affairs

Hometown: Tegucigalpa, Honduras
Majors: leadership studies & rhetoric and communications studies
Minor: education and society
Activities: speech consultant, tour guide, Pi Beta Phi Sorority sister, University Communications
Why I love Jepson: I have had great experiences in all my Jepson classes. I like how Jepson incorporates different fields and perspectives in classes. The professors have been great mentors and encouragers. As someone who wants to work in nonprofits after college, Jepson is giving me many necessary tools to succeed.
Why JSGA: I want to get more involved in the Jepson community and help as much as I can. Through JSGA, I have learned more about Jepson and have had the opportunity to meet more students, faculty, and staff.
Fun fact: I have an irrational fear of bicycles, which is why I never learned to ride a bike.

Nora Apt, '21

Hometown: McLean, Va.
Majors: leadership studies & healthcare studies
Activities: Youth Life volunteer tutor and mentor, Science Leadership Scholar
Why I love Jepson: Jepson's interdisciplinary course material creates an environment in which unique perspectives can be exchanged, enabling students to challenge and learn from one another. Leadership provides the foundation for all fields. With the knowledge and experience I've gained in Jepson, I will be better prepared to face challenges that arise in my future studies and life situations.
Why JSGA: I want to help shape the Jepson community and maximize the experience of its students!
Fun fact: I was a 12-season athlete in high school.

Alexandra Beran, '21

Hometown: Basking Ridge, N.J.
Major: leadership studies
Minor: Italian studies
Activities: diver on the Women's Swim and Dive Team
Why I love Jepson: The skills you learn at the Jepson School will guide you in any career field.
Why JSGA: I want to serve on JSGA to ensure that people love their experience in Jepson. I want to make it the most useful major or minor for all of the students.
Fun Fact: Khloé Kardashian (verified) tweeted me back once.

Kathrina Durante, '23
Sophomore Class Senator
Hometown: Washington, N.J.
Majors: leadership studies and psychology
Minor: biology
Activities: Science Leadership Scholar, Honor Council, Academic Skills Center tutor, Camp Kesem, orientation advisor
Why I love Jepson: Jepson provides an atmosphere where students across all majors can engage in in-depth discussions, as we exchange and analyze various perspectives that apply to real-world issues.
Why JSGA: I want to cultivate an atmosphere of support and encouragement in the Jepson community, especially between the students who were accepted this fall.
A fun fact: I'm passively fluent in Tagalog.

Madyson Fitzgerald, '23
Sophomore Class Senator
Hometown: South Chesterfield, Va.
Majors: leadership studies and journalism
Activities: Alpha Phi Omega spirit chair, Black Student Alliance, Collegian photographer, Women's Club Rugby, Student Phonathon worker, and Athletics Department photographer.
Why I love Jepson: Jepson classes gear students for both practical and soft skills that are necessary for life after of college. Everything I've learned in Jepson has prepared me for becoming a leader in practice and in mind.
Why JSGA: I want to create both more opportunities for freshmen of color to learn about what the Jepson School has to offer and safe spaces for people of color to talk about ways to improve race relations in Jepson and the University as a whole. I also want to create more opportunities for Jepson students to get involved in the Greater Richmond community. Most importantly, I want to serve as a voice for everyone within the Jepson School by listening to all points of view.
Fun Fact: Trey Songz visited my dad's restaurant, but he didn't tell me until after the fact...I'm not upset.

Caitlyn Lindstrom, '22
Executive Vice President

Hometown: Las Vegas, Nev.
Majors: leadership studies & political science
Activities: Alpha Phi Omega (APO) member, CCE operations assistant, blended-classroom technology assistant
Why I love Jepson: My Jepson courses have provided me with in-depth discussions and the opportunity to take class trips to learn about real-world issues. I love how engaged and inquisitive Jepson students are regarding social issues and phenomena across many disciplines.
Why JSGA: The sense of community in Jepson is strong, and I wanted to immerse myself beyond the classroom. JSGA continues to show me the many resources Jepson has, and I love being a voice among my peers to decide what opportunities best enhance our community's experience.
Fun Fact: I went to high school with Snoop Dog's son and Muhammad Ali's grandson.


Grace Miller, '21
Vice President of Academic Affairs

Hometown: Naples, Fla.
Majors: leadership studies & political science
Activities: student assistant for Dr. Kaufman's LDST 101 course, active in University of Richmond College Democrats
Why I love Jepson: The Jepson community is filled with curious people from all different backgrounds and majors. I always leave my classes with more questions than answers, making my Jepson classes constantly engaging no matter what the topic is.
Why JSGA: I strongly believe in servant leadership, especially with regards to a community that has helped shape a lot of my life thus far. Jepson has been a massive support system for me throughout my college experience. Serving the Jepson commuity allows me to give back to my peers in ways that better the Jepson experience.
Fun Fact: I am a dual citizen of the U.S. and the U.K.!

Charlotte Pratt, '21
Vice President of Special Events

Hometown: New Canaan, Conn.
Majors: leadership studies & health care studies
Activities: writing consultant, Youth Life Foundation of Richmond mentor and tutor, Student Alumni Organization member
Why I love Jepson: Jepson enables me to learn through both my peers and professors in such an organic environment. All of my professors are so personable and available to students, which maximizes the collaborative Jepson experience. Each student is so motivated and inspires me to contribute my best self both in and outside of the classroom.
Why JSGA: The environment in Jepson is already one that encourages students to work together in a safe and supportive community. As a senator, I want to further that mission and help to give a voice to each student and make their experience with Jepson as positive as possible.
Fun Fact: I raced against and beat Flo Rida down a water slide.

Kathryn Reda, '23
Sophomore Class Senator

Hometown: Middletown, N.J.
Majors: leadership studies & biochemistry & molecular biology
Activities: Alpha Phi Omega, researcher in Dr. Quintero’s lab, Equity Summit Leadership Board, Richmond Scholars Leadership Council
What I love about Jepson: Jepson professors are incredibly dedicated to engaging with students, ensuring they have the foundation necessary to succeed in a multitude of professions. A Jepson education equips students with the tools to evaluate social issues critically, ask meaningful questions, and construct creative solutions that have a lasting impact on their community.
Why JSGA: I want to provide more opportunities for Jepson students to make a lasting impact within the Richmond community through meaningful service, promote an equitable and inclusive community, and help Jepson students reach their career goals by advocating for more professional and networking opportunities.
Fun Fact: I am unreasonably terrified of any remotely scary movies.

Kevin Spear, '22
Vice President of Administration and Finance

Hometown: Framingham, Mass.
Major: leadership studies
Minor: Latin American and Iberian studies
Activities: Jepson Student Government, Richmond College Student Government, Speech Consultant, Alpha Kappa Psi fraternity, Phi Gamma Delta fraternity
Why I love Jepson: I love Jepson because I'm able to study multiple subjects through different perspectives. Also, I get to work closely with my classmates and learn from hearing their opinions on topics.
Why JSGA: I enjoy serving on JSGA because representing my classmates and making Jepson better for everyone is really important to me.
Fun Fact: In high school I typed every single paper on an iPhone 5 because I didn't have a laptop.

Eyga Williamson, '22
Vice President for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Hometown: Ansonia, Conn.
Majors: leadership studies & political science
Activities: cheerleader
Why I love Jepson: Jepson gave me the chance to engage with skills that I thought came naturally as a leader. It also provided me with the opportunity to effectively critique and assess myself, as someone who holds leadership positions, and others, in hopes of leading a better world.
Why JSGA: Given my previous experience serving in student governments, I hope to provide both immediate and effective results to Jepson students' popular and pressing concerns.
Fun fact: I have three nieces and one nephew.