Brief Bios of 2023-24 Officers

Kiran Saini, '24

Columbia, Maryland  
leadership studies and health studies, pre-dental track
Minor: biology
co-organizer of the Science Leadership Scholars, co-president of UR’s South Asian Student Alliance, executive member for the Bollywood Jhatkas, orientation advisor, student manager at Parsons Music Library, WELL 100 TA
Why I love Jepson: Jepson classes can be paired with virtually any major or minor to provide a unique curriculum. Each course is carefully crafted by some of the best professors at UR and sparks intellectual curiosity and critical thinking. There’s nothing quite like it! 
Why JSGA: I have felt a tremendous amount of support and love from Jepson since my very first class as a freshman, which drives me to give my time and energy back to our community. I hope to continue what our past JSGA members have built and further the relationships between faculty, students, and alumni by creating inclusive community events/spaces. 
Fun fact: I am on a pole vault team in Henrico County!

Sogona Cisse, '25
Class of 2025 Senator

Hometown: Bronx, New York
Majors: leadership studies and global studies
Activities: African Student Alliance (ASA) vice president, editor of University of Richmond's Counterculture Magazine
Why I love Jepson: I appreciate how Jepson students are encouraged to use our interdisciplinary studies to broaden our thinking and confront complex issues.
Why JSGA: I want to be involved with JSGA because I think it’s important for the Jepson student body to be represented by individuals with diverse backgrounds and interests.
Fun fact: I know how to play the trumpet. 

Abby Clar, '24
Class of 2024 Senator

Hometown: Victor, New York 
Majors: leadership studies and business administration with a concentration in economics
Activities: Kappa Delta member, APO member, tour guide, PAM member, peer summer advisor, Q-camp ambassador
Why I love Jepson: I love the amazing professors and the unique backgrounds and perspectives they bring to the classroom. Being able to discuss a wide range of topics openly while learning from others is something few classes at Richmond provide the space to do.
Why JSGA: I want to become more involved with Jepson and be part of the great work that goes on behind-the-scenes. I also want to get to know other Jepson students better and learn from them.
Fun fact: I pole vaulted in high school!

Jimmy Conley, '26
Class of 2026 Senator

Hometown: Avondale, Pennsylvania
Majors: leadership studies and rhetoric and communication studies
Activities: tour guide, Richmond Men's Club Volleyball team member, Richmond Center for Christian Study member, and orientation advisor.
Why I love Jepson: In every class session, Jepson professors challenge me to think critically about what leadership was, is, and should be. My Jepson professors come from several different professions and disciplines, so I am constantly gaining new perspectives.
Why JSGA: I want to impact the Jepson community. My goal is to establish events that all Jepson students will find engaging and enjoyable.
Fun fact: I am a huge Philly sports fan!

Anna-Laura Houston, '25
Class of 2025 Senator

Hometown: Ashland, Virginia
Majors: leadership studies and English
Activities: Young Life participant, Office of Admissions intern, McDowell Institute Student Fellow
Why I love Jepson: Jepson combines many subjects I’m passionate about and gives me the opportunity to learn more about my potential impact on the world.
Why JSGA: I want to serve as a leader for my peers and advocate for ideas they’d like to see come to fruition.
Fun fact: I once broke my arm playing air guitar. 

Clara Kugelman, '25
Class of 2025 Senator

Hometown: Richmond, Virginia
Majors: leadership studies and psychology
Minor: women, gender, and sexuality studies (WGSS)
Activities: will Program participant, admissions tour guide, admissions office assistant, admissions intern, Well-Being Center employee, Health and Well-Being Student Board member, Dining Services Student Board member, Spiritual but Not Religious (SBNR) Student Board member, Jepson at Cambridge Program participant
Why I love Jepson: The Jepson School of Leadership Studies is the reason I decided to attend the University of Richmond. Unlike any other school, Jepson produces more of what is needed in the world: critical thinkers. Jepson is the future of higher education, because it establishes a deep understanding of community, systems and practices, and personal agency. It embodies a liberal arts education and fosters meaningful connections between students and faculty. 
Why JSGA: I joined JSGA because I appreciate what Jepson stands for, how my classmates have inspired me, and the joy I get from being part of the Jepson community. I want to give my time and energy to the school that has done so much for me.
Fun fact: University of Richmond is closer to my house than my high school. 

Ava Paul, '24
Class of 2024 Senator

Hometown: Westfield, New Jersey
leadership studies and health studies
Minor: LALIS
Greek life participant, Richmond Public Schools volunteer, VCU Hospital volunteer
Why I love Jepson: I truly believe Jepson offers the most interesting and thought-provoking classes and really prepares you for internships and careers!
Why JSGA: I wanted to serve on JSGA to be a part of a group that is passionate about improving Jepson.
Fun fact: I am an Irish citizen!

Kenzie Proukou, '26
Class of 2026 Senator

Hometown: Duxbury, Massachusetts
Majors: leadership studies and creative writing
Minor: English
Activities: Women's Club Volleyball safety officer and fundraising chair, Alpha Phi Omega member, Weinstein Center for Recreation member services assistant
Why I love Jepson: I love the stimulating, discussion-based classes that encourage students to think creatively about real-world problems and question past assertions to achieve future progress. I am beyond grateful to be surrounded by professors and peers who are intellectually curious and passionate about making positive impacts wherever possible.
Why JSGA: I joined the JSGA to ensure the continued cultivation of Jepson's community-centered culture and to advocate on behalf of my peers.
Fun fact: I am allergic to cashews, but I eat three a day!

Shelby Richards, '26
Class of 2026 Senator

Hometown: Nashua, New Hampshire
leadership studies and Africana studies
Black Student Alliance (BSA) president, University of Richmond's Counterculture Magazine member, Dennis Hall resident assistant
Why I love Jepson: 
Jepson provides students a space to look critically at institutions of power and empowers students to take a stance against injustices.
It is important for us as University of Richmond students to give back to the Greater Richmond area and to provide a space for students of all backgrounds to be heard.
Fun fact: 
I am the co-president of a new pre-law and government fraternity on campus!