Jepson at Cambridge Summer Program

Jepson at Cambridge is a summer program offered by the Jepson School in collaboration with the University of Richmond School of Law, which has held a summer program in England for more than 35 years. Students spend five weeks studying at Emmanuel College, Cambridge University. They participate in classes, lectures, and out-of-town trips to examine law and leadership in an international context and to experience the rich intellectual and cultural history of England.

Meeting an international political leader, analyzing the leadership style of an international corporation, and punting along the River Cam are all experiences students can have during the program.


The program is open to all students at University of Richmond, including graduating seniors. Although there are no specific criteria for acceptance, students with a strong academic record and an interest in law are particularly well suited for the program.


Required course for all undergrads:

Law of the European Union
(2 semester hours or .5 units)
Prof. Albertina Albors-Llorens
St. Johns College, University of Cambridge

The European Union legal order stands as a model of supranationalism in Europe. As the Court of Justice of the EU explained in the landmark Van Gend den Loos decision, it constitutes a new legal order that transcends international law by creating a supranational organization for the benefit of which member states have ceded sovereignty in certain fields to a set of institutions whose legally binding acts can have an impact not only on member states, but also on the citizens of those states. This course will explore the unique features of this legal order and will consider their application in two foundational areas of EU law connected to the creation of the single market: free movement of goods and free movement of persons and services.

Undergrads will choose their second course from two options:

Selected Issues in Public International Law
(2 semester hours or .5 units)
Prof. Rumiana Yotova
Gonville & Caius College, University of Cambridge

This course will explore and critically examine the basic building blocks of international law, including how it is made and applied, who are its subjects, how they resolve their disputes, and more broadly, how a decentralized legal system (i.e., one where there is no overarching sovereign) deals with change over time. The course will also look at some of the key areas it regulates, including the law on the use of force and the protection of human rights. Students will have opportunities to work together as a team and to step into the shoes of government legal advisers, international judges, advocates, or representatives of the United Nations in order to apply international law to controversial situations inspired by current events.

Comparative Criminal Law (tentative)
(2 semester hours or .5 units)
This course, still to be confirmed, would compare principles of criminal law across different legal systems.

Accommodations & Transportation

All rooms at Emmanuel College are single occupancy. Linens and housekeeping services are provided at no additional expense. Spouses or dependents will pay the same food and housing charges as participants in the program. No dependents under the age of 16 can be accommodated in the college.

Meals will be served in the college dining hall. Most students prefer to travel and eat off-campus on weekends, so the cost of weekend meals has been eliminated from the food and housing charges. Thus, no meals will be provided from Friday dinner through Sunday lunch.

The city of Cambridge offers restaurants, public houses, banks, shops, cinemas, and theatres, in addition to many scenic and historic sights.

London is just 50 miles away and is served by frequent fast train and bus connections. Despite its proximity to London, the East Anglican region retains an unspoiled character, and its villages and towns have a quiet charm that is typically English. The cathedral cities of Ely and Norwich are within easy reach.

Each participating student is responsible for travel to England from the United States.


The total cost for the program is $7,950, which includes only the University of Richmond tuition for two .5 unit courses, as well as room and board. A $150 deposit should accompany your application.

A student who withdraws from the program before paying their tuition, food, and housing fees is entitled to a full refund of any deposit paid. If the withdrawing student has paid the tuition, room, and housing fees in full, but classes have not yet begun, the fees will be refunded minus a $150 processing fee. No fees will be refunded once classes have begun.

Airfare is the responsibility of the student.

The University of Richmond reserves the right to cancel this program in the event of compelling circumstances. In such an event, all money will be returned.

Send payment to:
Attn: Dr. Kristin Bezio
Jepson at Cambridge Summer Program
221 Richmond Way
Jepson Hall, Room 126
University of Richmond, VA  23173

About Emmanuel College

Founded in 1584 and located in the Cambridge city center, Emmanuel College is one of more than 30 constituent colleges comprising the University of Cambridge. Its early graduates were among those who settled New England in the first half of the 17th century, not least of whom was John Harvard, namesake and first benefactor of Harvard University. 

Application Process

Program information sessions are offered in the fall and spring semesters. Interested students should submit an application together with a nonrefundable $150 deposit to Dr. Kristin Bezio no later than Feb. 15. Enrollment is limited, and priority will be given to those who apply early. Applicants receive an e-mail notification of their application status in March.