How to Apply to the Jepson School

Students wishing to major or minor in leadership studies should apply for admission to the Jepson School during the fall semester of their second year.

A faculty committee reviews applications and chooses students based on essays and academic performance as well as faculty recommendations and extracurricular activities.

In order to apply, students must have completed Leadership Studies 101 or 102 with a grade of C- or better or be enrolled in Leadership Studies 101 (Leadership and the Humanities) or Leadership Studies 102 (Leadership and the Social Sciences) during the fall admissions process. Both courses are required for the major and minor, but either course may be taken as a first course in leadership studies.

Students seeking admission to the Jepson School are encouraged to attend information sessions, which are held in the fall. The application deadline is in early fall. The new class is formally welcomed into the Jepson community at Prelude.

Application Deadline: 11:59 p.m. Sunday, September 24, 2023

Contact Us:

Dr. Kerstin Soderlund
Associate Dean for Student & External Affairs
Jepson Hall, Room 123
Phone: (804) 287-6082


Dr. Kristin Bezio
Interim Associate Dean for Academic Affairs
Jepson Hall, Room 135
Phone: (804) 287-6045