15th Annual Summer Institute Conference Papers

Brady, Gordon
Senior Economist, U.S. Congress, Joint Economic Committee (retired)
Gordon Tullock’s Work on Constitutions: The Years Prior to The Calculus

Coker, David
George Mason University
Rawls and Knight: Connections and Influence in A Theory of Justice

DeMartino, George, University of Denver
Harming Irreparably: On Neoliberalism, Kaldor-Hicks, and the Paretian Guarantee

Farrant, Andrew
Dickinson College
Trotsky and the ‘British Professor’: Market Socialism and Two Meetings in Mexico

Garnett, Rob
Texas Christian University
Against Benevolence: Adam Smith's Economy of Care

Khan, Ali
Johns Hopkins University
On Lionel McKenzie’s 1957 Intrusion into 20th-Century Demand Theory

Levy, David and Sandra Peart
George Mason University and The University of Richmond
Gordon Tullock and Karl Popper: Their Correspondence

Lewis, Paul
King’s College, University of London
Systems, Structural Properties, and Levels of Organisation: The Influence of Ludwig von Bertalanffy on the Work of F.A. Hayek

Martin, Chris
Hillsdale College
Smithian Sympathy and the Market Order

McPhail, Edward
Dickinson College
Friedman, Pinochet, and Positive Economic Analysis

Mingardi, Alberto
Bruno Leoni Institute
Thomas Hodgskin and the Corn Law Agitation

Montes, Leonidas
Duke University, Alfonso Ibanez University
Friedman’s Two Visits to Chile in Context

Mongiovi, Gary
St John’s University
Franco Modigliani and the Socialist State

Montaigne, Maxine
London School of Economics
Malthusian Ideas and Ideals in the British Media of the 1830s and 40s

Nientiedt, Daniel and Ekkehard Köhler
Walter Eucken Institute
The Muthesius Controversy: A Tale of Two Liberalisms

Özler, Şule
University of California Los Angeles Economics Department, The New Center for Psychoanalysis
Paul A. Gabrinetti, The C.G. Jung Institute, Los Angeles, Pacifica Graduate Institute
Markets and Morality in Adam Smith’s Works: Evolutionary Psychology and Adaptive Defenses Perspectives on Delayed Gratification and Trust

Scheall, Scott
Arizona State University
Kinds of Scientific Rationalism: The Case for Methodological Liberalism

Schliesser, Eric
Ghent University
The Separation of Economics from Virtue: A Historical-Conceptual Introduction

Singleton, John
Duke University
Emulating Experiments

Young, Jeff
St. Lawrence University
Utilitarian? Virtue Ethicist? Kantian? Locating Adam Smith as a Moral Philosopher