Summer Institute for the History of Economic Thought

The Summer Institute for the History of Economic Thought gathers young and eminent scholars from across the U.S. and around the world to discuss original research in the history of political economy. It is sponsored by the Jepson School's Adam Smith Program.

The institute offers a forum for scholars to present work in progress or more polished papers to a lively audience. Underlying the diversity of views at the Summer Institute is a commitment to the history of the political economy of the classical liberal tradition. Economic ideas inform conversations about policy, statesmanship and leadership.

Past speakers include Brad Bateman, Mauro Boianovsky, Marcel Boumans, Nobel laureate James Buchanan, Dave Colander, Dan Hammond, Samuel Hollander, M. Ali Khan, Anthony Laden, David Levy, Deirdre McCloskey, Steve Medema, Phil Mirowski, Leon Montes, Mary Morgan, Maria Pia Paganelli, Sandra Peart, Malcolm Rutherford, Warren Samuels, Eric Schliesser, Gordon Tullock, Anthony Waterman and Roy Weintraub.