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Dr. Haley  Harwell
Dr. Haley Harwell
Assistant Professor of Leadership Studies

Dr. Haley Harwell is an economist focused on behavioral, experimental and public economics. Her teaching and research interest have a primary focus on altruistic behaviors, giving and public good provision. She also has interest in gender and inequality.

Her current research focuses on understanding effects of successful fundraising campaigns on individuals’ philanthropic behavior. She investigates the source of funds that are raised in successful campaigns. In particular, she examines if donors are giving new funds, or if individuals instead merely redirect funds from contributions to other organizations. She also has work using experimental economic games to assess differences in norms of sharing monetary gifts across multiple communities.

Dr. Harwell’s teaching and research examine leadership in economic decision-making. This includes public goods provision, charitable contributions, class identity and ethnic identity. Her work bridges different disciplines including sociology, psychology and economics. As part of the Jepson School, she teaches Introduction to Leadership and the Social Sciences.

Mentoring undergraduate students in research is a particular interest to Dr. Harwell. Her research includes several projects that have grown from research with undergraduate students. 

Selected Publications

Aksoy, Billur, Haley Harwell, Ada kovaliukaite, and Catherine Eckel. "Measuring Trust: A Reinvestigation." Southern Economic Journal 84.4 (2018): 992-1000.

Eckel, Catherine, Haley Harwell, and Jose Gabriel Castillo G. “Four Classic Public Goods Experiments: A Replication Study." Research in Experimental Economics 18 (January 2015): 13-40.

Ph.D., Texas A&M University 2016
M.S., University of Texas at Dallas 2012
B.S., University of Texas at Dallas 2010
Contact Information
Room 130 Jepson Hall
(804) 289-8008
(804) 287-6062 (Fax)
Areas of Expertise
Experimental Economics
Behavioral Economics
Altruism and Charitable Giving
Public Good Provision
Public Economics