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2020 Fredric M. Jablin Doctoral Dissertation Award Winner

Phillip O'Donnell

Phillip O'Donnell

The 2020 Fredric M. Jablin Doctoral Dissertation Award was presented to Philip O’Donnell at the International Leadership Association’s 22nd Annual Global Conference--Leading at the Edge, for his dissertation, “Entrepreneurship, Identity, and Their Overlap in the Slum: An Ethnographic Study of the Mukuru Slum in Nairobi, Kenya."

Philip is Assistant Professor in Entrepreneurship at Dublin City University Business School in Ireland. He received his doctoral degree from Dublin City University in 2020 for his research on entrepreneurship in resource-deprived settings.

Much of his research to-date has centered on entrepreneurship in contexts of severe marginalization and poverty, encompassing the themes of necessity entrepreneurship, informal entrepreneurship, and community-based or collective entrepreneurship.

His doctoral research was built around an ethnographic study of entrepreneurship in an informal, or ‘slum’, community in Nairobi, Kenya. The study drew on theories of identity to explore how the immense precarity that characterized the livelihoods of the slum’s extraordinary number of micro-entrepreneurs was — and, indeed, was not — alleviated by their embeddedness in this community.




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