Jepson School of Leadership Studies

The Leader in Leadership

As the nation’s first-ever undergraduate school of leadership studies, the Jepson School takes "leading the way" very seriously.

That’s why we educate tomorrow’s leaders with a world-class program, preparing them for positions that drive real change in their communities and the world.

Through a rigorous curriculum, opportunities for outside experience, and support that extends far beyond their time at Jepson, our students find here a leadership journey unlike any other.

Recently named the "Jewel in the Crown" of the University of Richmond’s academics by College Gazette, the Jepson School of Leadership Studies investigates leadership not only as a position, but also as a process and a relationship among people.


The Jepson Leadership Forum

The 2023-24 Jepson Leadership Forum presents Masculinity in a Changing World. The last few decades have seen rapid changes in gender relations and norms—in the household, in the workforce, and in government. We’ve invited speakers to discuss masculinity in the context of these recent cultural changes. 

Specific topics include the role of hormones in gender identity and behavior, status competition and violence, challenges facing men as a result of the changing nature of the family and the economy, Black masculinity in the United States, and the past and future of patriarchy globally.


Professor Julian Hayter smiling toward the camera as he is being interviewed by and sitting across from Anderson Cooper. There are television cameras and lights around them.

A Faculty of Experts

Jepson faculty help students hone their leadership skills. They also hold prominent places in national and international media, providing insightful opinions and expert views on leadership and issues of the day.

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Kate Rezabek, '02, and Joseph Greener, '13, speaking at the 2023 Jepson EDGE Institute

Alumni Who Lead

Graduates leave Richmond with knowledge of leadership frameworks and with the critical thinking and communication skills that enable them to excel in their chosen careers.

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion at Jepson 

Scholars & Practitioners

Dr. Guzel Garifullina
Garifullina Published

Guzel Garifullina, assistant professor of leadership studies, published "Ambition without Democracy: When the Cautious Seek Office," in Democratization

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Dr. Volha (Olga) Chykina
Chykina Awarded

Volha Chykina, assistant professor of leadership studies, was awarded a Mellon/Scholars At Risk Academic Freedom Fellowship to support her research on whether the rise in populism leads to a decrease in academic freedom. 

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Dr. Vladimir Chlouba
Chlouba Published

Vladimir Chlouba, assistant professor of leadership studies, published "African Traditional Institutions and Support for Democracy" in Democratization.

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Dr. Javier Hidalgo
Hidalgo Published

Javier Hidalgo, associate professor of leadership studies, published "Reacting to the Past as Education for Leadership" in the Interdisciplinary Journal of Leadership Studies

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