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Jepson School News

From the Dean's Desk: The (First Full) Year in Review

From meeting alumni to wrestling with "big" questions, Dean Sandra J. Peart reflects on her first full year at Jepson - and discusses what's in store for 2008-09. Article 

Jepson Hosts Summer Institute on Leadership and the Liberal Arts

Scholars and students from around the world visit the University of Richmond to explore topics in leadership and the liberal arts and the intersection between leadership and the humanities, social sciences and natural sciences. Article 

Williams Goes Behind the Scenes at the White House with Alumnus

Jepson alumnus Billy O'Brien, '01, takes Associate Dean Teresa Williams on a tour of the White House that includes the Oval Office, the Cabinet Room and the Red Room. Article

Patty Devlin, '04, Shares Post-College Experience at Senior Banquet

After stints working on a ranch and as a secretary before landing a much better gig, Play consultant Patty Devlin, '04, shares stories, advice and thoughts on life after Jepson with the class of 2008. Article

Jepson in the News: The Benefits of Studying Leadership

An article in "Young Money" magazine discusses the edge leadership programs give students and cites the University of Richmond and Dean Sandra J. Peart. Article

Upcoming Events and New Leader-in-Residence

Upcoming events include a talk by the first Spider in space, Leland Melvin, a speed networking event and Forum events. Article


Faculty Spotlight

New Faculty Joining Jepson 

Religious studies scholar Peter Iver Kaufman and political scientist Sungmoon Kim are new additions to the Jepson faculty. Kaufman previously taught at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Kim recently earned his Ph.D. at the University of Maryland.

Prolific Faculty Adding to Leadership Studies Literature

A number of new books by Jepson faculty are expected out in 2008 or early 2009. Dean Sandra J. Peart's latest book, "The Street Porter and the Philosopher: Conversations on Analytical Egalitarianism," was published in June by the University of Michigan Press.

Student Spotlight

My PhotoStudents Blog About Internship Experiences

This year several Jepson students are blogging instead of turning in a journal to meet their internship requirements. In her blog, "Tales of a Globetrotting Spider," Laura Musser, '09, reflects on her time in Cambodia where she is an intern for Caring for Cambodia. Article

Student Journal: Jacki Raithel, '10, Explores Cambridge 

Jacki Raithel, '10, writes about her first week studying abroad in Cambridge. As part of the Jepson at Cambridge program, Raithel is taking two classes at Emmanuel College, one of Cambridge University's constituent colleges. Article

Alumni News

  Servant Leader Heads University's Alumni Association for 2008-09

  Tripp Perrin, '95, is the first Jepson graduate to be elected president of the University's       
  Alumni Committee. In a Q&A, Perrin discusses what his goals are as president and how his 
  Jepson education has prepared him for the task. Article  

Virtual Service Project Planned for Alumni

To mark the upcoming anniversary of Jepson's first graduating class, the Jepson Alumni Networking Committee is launching a virtual service project this fall. The 150 Days in a Lifetime of Service campaign will begin on Oct. 2 and go through Feb. 28. Article 

Maia Carter Hallward, '98, Receives Alumni Achievement Award

Maia Carter Hallward, '98, an assistant professor at Kennesaw State University in Georgia, is honored for her work in education and global perspective. Article    

Summer Networking Events a Success

Networking events held this summer in New York, Richmond and D.C. give alumni a chance to reconnect and students a chance to discuss their summer internships. Article

  ‘07   Class of 2007: One Year Later and Alumni Update

                          Where is the class of 2007 one year after graduation? All over the place according to a
                          recent informal survey. Article

Alumni Spotlight: Living on the Edge (Profiles of True Risk Takers)

Chris Gordon, '06, Makes Documentary About Life in Central America

No hotels. No car. No directions. No problem. Chris Gordon, '06, didn't have producing a documentary about life in Central America on his "to-do" list after college, but that's just where the 'Road' took him. Article 

Joshua Bush, '00, Has Nowhere to go but Up as a Pioneer in the                   Space Travel Industry

After traveling the world and exploring the depths of the sea there was only one place left for Joshua Bush, '00, to go: up. Way up. Article

Cristine Lipscomb Duckworth, '94, Goes Off the Beaten Path

From graduating in the first ever Jepson class to starting her own business, this daring Jepsonite has never been interested in taking the conventional path. Article

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