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Kenneth Ruscio, Leadership at Its Best

During his four-year tenure as dean, Kenneth Ruscio has led the Jepson School through a period of tremendous academic growth and collaboration. The Jepson community applauds Ruscio's well-deserved appointment to the presidency of Washington and Lee University and looks forward to continuing and expanding upon many of the initiatives he started.
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Keck Initiative Launches Pilot Courses to Positive Reviews

The Jepson faculty is reaching out to faculty and students of other disciplines in innovative ways, thanks to the Keck Initiative. Spearheaded by the Jepson School in collaboration with Claremont McKenna College and Loyola Marymount University, the initiative aims to support the development of interdisciplinary undergraduate courses that integrate leadership themes in the liberal arts.
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Faculty Spotlight

Thomas Shields, Director of the Center for Leadership in Education, Targets K-12 Community

Thomas Shields, serving as the director of the Center for Leadership in Education, oversaw a variety of programs aimed at introducing the Jepson model of leadership studies education to teachers, administrators and students in primary and secondary school settings during the center's first year of operation.
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Speaking Engagements, Study-Abroad Programs, Research Keep Faculty Busy

Faculty members traverse the globe giving speeches, leading study-abroad programs and conducting research.
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Student Spotlight

Class of 2006 Continues a School Tradition of Leading

Jepson graduated its 12th class on May 14, 2006, and not surprisingly, leadership studies students once again ranked among the top students at the University in terms of their accomplishments.
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Fellowships Provide Students Diverse Internship Opportunities

Fellowships make it possible for students to pursue unpaid internships that they might not otherwise consider due to financial constraints. This year a record eight students received fellowships to support their summer internships in a variety of sectors, including nonprofit work, scholarly research and government/politics. Read the complete article.

Alumni News

Plan to Attend Homecoming 2006 on October 26-29


Elizabeth MacKenzie Biedell, '96, Honored for Global Focus

Elizabeth MacKenzie Biedell, '96, a former intelligence analyst who is currently serving a two-year assignment in Vienna, Austria, for the U.S. Department of State in Foreign Service to the United Nations, received the 2006 Jepson Alumni Award.

Leanna Bowman Goodrich, '99, Cheered Success of Mock Trial Team

Leanna Bowman Goodrich, '99, founder of the University's mock trial team program, reveled in the team's good showing at its first national tournament in March 2006.
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Alumni Spotlight: Doing Business the Jepson Way

Amy Dellamora Amick, '94, Makes a Difference Through Her Work in Corporate America

Amy Dellamora Amick, '94, takes great satisfaction in the work she does at Cerner Corporation because she believes Cerner's information-technology innovations have revolutionized the health-care industry in a way that has improved the delivery of health care in the United States and abroad.
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Tripp Perrin, '95, and Ken Kraper, '05, Ranch Hands Turned Corporate Consultants

Tripp Perrin, '95, and Ken Kraper, '05, discovered they had a lot in common when they met at Jepson's Robert Dole and George McGovern forum event this February. Both graduated with a degree in leadership studies. Both enjoyed a stint working at the A-Bar-A Ranch in Wyoming after graduation. And both advise organizations on business practices in their current jobs as consultants.
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Ivan Squire, '97, From Missionary in South Africa to Financial Analyst at Ford Motor Company

Ivan Squire has traveled far afield from Jepson Hall, but he has never lost sight of some core values he shared with many of his classmates, such as a commitment to serve others and practice ethical behavior. Values which his faith reinforced, said Squire, a practicing Mormon who served as a missionary in South Africa before pursuing a career as a financial analyst with Ford Motor Company.
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Career in International Investment Dream Come True for Kenyan Native Timanto Marima, '99

Timanto Marima, '99, yearned for an education and a chance to pursue a career in international business, but she had few options other than a traditional marriage in her native Kenya. Then a stranger from Colombia intervened to make her dream a reality.
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Katherine Ponzio, '03, Crafts Leadership-Development Programs at Philip Morris USA

Katherine Ponzio, '03, often reflects on the lessons she learned at Jepson as she oversees the implementation of various aspects of the Philip Morris USA leadership-development program she helped evaluate when she interned with the company.
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Braxton Bragg, '06, Parlays Jepson Internship into Job Offer

Braxton Bragg, '06, a leadership studies and business double major, used his required Jepson internship to explore his career interests. He landed an internship with Beers & Cutler, a business-consulting and accounting firm based in Washington, D.C., that not only offered him valuable real-world experience but ultimately led to a promising full-time job offer.
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