Faculty in the News

Jepson's faculty provide commentary on a range of topics for diverse media outlets.


Kristin Bezio
Women's voices rightly pushing to advance gaming culture
(Op-ed: Nov. 15, Multiple outlets)

Julian Hayter
Voters can forgive without forgetting
(March 26, Richmond Times-Dispatch)

Double segregation
(Op-ed: Aug. 12, Style Weekly)

Peter Kaufman
discusses new book series
(Interview: L.A. Review of Books)

Sandra J. Peart
John & Harriet: Still Mysterious
(A review of Hayek on Mill: The Mill-Taylor Friendship and Other Writings by Friedrich Hayek, edited by Sandra J. Peart: March 13, The New York Review of Books)

Are we ‘too dumb’ for democracy? Thoughts on leadership and discussion in a democratic society
(Op-ed: Nov. 1, The New York Times, In Leadership)

Terry L. Price
Price discusses ethics, leadership, and voter decisions
(Article: Jan. 15, Richmond Times-Dispatch)

Chris von Rueden
How social status affects your health
(Op-ed: Dec. 12, The New York Times)

What's your status? Health risks of low social status
(Article: Oct. 8, ScienceDaily)

Thad Williamson featured in multiple articles on being the director of the city's first comprehensive antipoverty initiative
(Article, Nov. 7; Article: Sept. 2,  Washington Post)



Malthusian ideas, used and abused; a book review by Jepson Dean Sandra Peart on influential political economist Thomas Robert Malthus
(Article: June 8, Chronicle of Higher Education)

Thad Williamson: The man driving the city's anti-poverty initiatives
(Article: June 3, RVA News)

Mayor names University of Richmond professor Thad Williamson to anti-poverty post
(Article: April 16, Richmond Times-Dispatch; WRIC)


Joanne B. Ciulla
Searching For Mandela: What a Study of Mandela Tells Us About Studying Leaders
(Blog: March 28, Elgar)

Donelson R. Forsyth
The seduction of March Madness
(Article: March 17, Newsday and other outlets)

Why the madness on Black Friday?
(Article: Nov. 29, Richmond Times-Dispatch)

George R. Goethals
John F. Kennedy: The peace president?
(Article: Nov. 12, Multiple outlets)

Julian Hayter
The rest of the dream
(Article: Aug. 27, Style Weekly)

Voting blocks
(Article: July 30, Style Weekly)

Crystal L. Hoyt

Surprising psychology can make the country healthier
(Article: June 10, Scientific American)

To be or not to be? Should obesity be a disease?
(Article: March 23, The Psych Report)

Should obesity be a 'disease'?
(Article: Feb. 21, The New York Times)

In leadership, mindsets matter
(Article: Nov. 7, The New York Times)

Peter Iver Kaufman
What did Shakespeare think about religion?
(Article: March 23, Christian Today)

Gary L. McDowell
A time for music, a time for politics
(Article: Feb. 9, Richmond Times-Dispatch)

Thad Williamson

Reality check
(Article: March 18, Style Weekly)

Education in Virginia: An open letter to Virginia's new governor
(Article: Dec. 13, Richmond Times-Dispatch)

Will Obama's words on inequality be backed by deeds?
(Article: Dec. 12, Al Jazeera America)

Scout's honor
(Article: Dec. 10, Richmond Times-Dispatch)

Mandela sought balance between capitalism and socialism
(Article: Dec. 9, Al Jazeera America)

Remarkable leadership
(Article: Nov. 20, Inside Carolina)

Ultimate goals
(Article: Aug. 13, Style Weekly)



Donelson R. Forsyth
Yellen likely to join other women in key economic roles
(Article: Oct. 13, USA Today

When passions for teams get out of hand
(Article: Sept. 27, SFGate)

Popular in Latino community, money pools a community approach to lending
(Article: Sept. 20, Cronkite News)

George R. Goethals

The right stuff. What makes a hero?
(Article: Dec. 9, Japan Today)

If Derek Jeter wants to limp around, let him limp around
(Article: Sept. 13, TIME)

Julian Hayter

What is Black History Month's role today?
(Article: Feb. 15, Richmond Times-Dispatch)

Crystal L. Hoyt

Why women make better money managers
(Article: Jan. 17, TODAY)

Thad Williamson

Action plan: Dwight Jones' anti-poverty task force asks the mayor to follow his heart
(Article: March 4, Style Weekly)


Kristin M. S. Bezio
Diversity in video games
Interview (The Kojo Nnamdi Show, Feb. 25)

Joanne B. Ciulla
The ethics of GM's bad decision
Interview (WTVR, April 2)

Jessica Flanigan
WTVR (Channel 6) on access to investigational drugs

WRIC (Channel 8) on physicians paid by pharmaceutical companies

WRIC (Channel 8, Nov. 21) on genetic testing

Donelson R. Forsyth
Grading Greek life on college campuses
Interview (NHPR, Feb. 12)

CKNW  (Vancouver) on mob mentality

Julian Hayter
WRVA's  (Newsradio 1140) Jimmy Barrett

Crystal L. Hoyt
Psychological consequences of calling obesity a disease
Interview (NPR, April 22)


Crystal L. Hoyt
Does labeling obesity as a disease backfire?
(Article: Jan. 28, Psychology Today, U.S. News, Huffington Post and other outlets)

Christopher von Rueden
ScienceDaily features professor's research on evolutionary benefit of human personality traits
(Article: Oct. 21)