Dr. Sandra J. Peart
Dean, Professor of Leadership Studies

Dr. Sandra J. Peart became the fourth dean of the Jepson School of Leadership Studies in 2007. A national leader in her field, Dr. Peart is president of the International Adam Smith Society, a former president of the History of Economics Society, and co-director of the annual Summer Institute for the History of Economic Thought.

A distinguished scholar with special expertise in the history of economic thought and political economy, especially in the context of ethical leadership, she has focused her research in this area on the following broad questions: How do individuals, who are motivated by private interests, come together to make decisions about the group? How well do people make such decisions? Are we all equally able to decide?

She has applied her insights to leadership, where she argues that one means by which to prevent ethical failures of leadership is to suppose that we are all equally capable of leading (or learning to lead). She then asks what this would mean institutionally and has argued in favor of trials of randomized leadership as an institutional framework that might yield “good” – ethical and effective – leadership.

Dr. Peart has published more than 50 refereed articles and another 50 contributions to books and encyclopedias in the areas of constitutional political economy, leadership in experimental settings, ethics and economics, and nineteenth century economic thought. She is the author or editor of eight books, including most recently Hayek on Mill: The Mill-Taylor Friendship and Related Writings, published by University of Chicago Press. Her research has been supported by the NEH and the SSHRCC.

In 2005-06, she was a fellow of the American Council on Education. In 2009, she joined the Board of Directors for LEAD VIRGINIA. Before coming to the Jepson School, she taught at Baldwin-Wallace College in Berea, Ohio, where she led the development of a leadership studies program, and at the College of William and Mary.

She has written popular articles on leadership and ethics for The New York Times, The Chronical of Higher Education, USA Today, The Washington Post, and other outlets.

Selected Publications
Hayek on Mill: The Mill-Taylor Friendship and Related Writings. University of Chicago Press, 2015
F. A. Hayek and the Modern Economy, co-edited with David M. Levy. Palgrave Macmillan, 2013.
The Street Porter and the Philosopher: Conversations on Analytical Egalitarianism, co-edited with David M. Levy. University of Michigan Press, 2008.
The 'Vanity of the Philosopher': From Equality to Hierarchy in Post-classical Economics, with David M. Levy. University of Michigan Press, 2005.
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That ‘Most Inexhaustible of all Topics’: Reflections on the Leadership Studies Curriculum at the Jepson School, Journal of Leadership Studies (2014).
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Ph.D., University of Toronto 1989
M.A., University of Toronto 1983
B.A., University of Toronto 1982
History and Economics
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(804) 287-6086
(804) 287-6062 (Fax)
Areas of Expertise
Ethics and Economics
Leadership Ethics
History of Economic Thought
History of Political Economy
Experimental Economics