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Reflecting on an Extraordinary Year at Jepson 

As we reflect on all that we have been able to do at the Jepson School this year we must keep in mind that this has been a defining moment in history. This extraordinary year underscores the ongoing need for for a School that teaches for and about leadership.      (more)

Jepson School Brings Leading Economists, Diplomats to Campus to Discuss Challenges Facing the Country

Some of the nation's leading economists, diplomats and scholars came to Jepson this   spring to confer and present lectures on the nation's current economic, political and   social challenges.  (more)

Jepson Appoints New Associate Dean for Student and External Affairs

Kerstin M. Soderlund, dean of students at Longwood University, has been selected as the new associate dean for student and external affairs. She will join the School on Aug. 10, succeeding Teresa J. Williams.  (more)

At Jepson's Summer Institute, Scholars Discuss Financial Crises, Historically Considered

Scholars from across the country and Europe joined conference co-chair Sandra J. Peart for the opening of the 10th annual Summer Institute for the Preservation of the History  of Economics.  (more) 

Upcoming Events Focus on the Common Good, Include Strategic Leadership and Social Media Conference

A group of communications professionals as well as experts in nonprofits and leadership has designed a conference for community leaders on "Strategic Leadership and Social Media for Social Good" to be held Friday, July 24. See (more) upcoming events.

Internship Fund Amasses Pledges That Will Support Students

In 2009, the Alumni Networking Committee established the Jepson Internship Fund, which will pay a living stipend to a Jepson student doing an internship in the government or nonprofit sector. To date, a number of alumni and 100 percent of Jepson faculty and staff have pledged a gift to the new fund. Contributions accepted until Dec. 31.

Faculty Spotlight

Peart Named to LEAD VIRGINIA Board of Directors

Dean Sandra J. Peart has joined the board of directors of LEAD VIRGINIA. The Jepson School helped found the statewide leadership education program and develop its curriculum and approach.  (more)

Faculty Provide Commentary for Diverse Local and National Publications

Jepson faculty members have written on diverse topics this spring ranging from suburbia to President Barack Obama's inauguration to the leadership of General Motors for   publications such as The Washington Post, the Richmond Times-Dispatch and American   Thinker.  (more)

Student Spotlight

Students Search for Real-World Solutions to Global Problems

Jepson students want to change the world. Thanks to their research this year on topics    ranging from gender biases to global poverty, they just might succeed. 

Activist Student Takes Reins of Student Government

Once Steve Handy gets interested in something, he commits and gives his all. Take      horses, for instance.  (more)

Richmond, Washington, Charlottesville and Jepson Hall Are Learning            Laboratories for Jepson-Athens Students

Leadership and democracy were themes of the inaugural Jepson-Athens Leadership Academy, which brought high school students from Greece to the States for study trips and classroom discussions June 27-July 12.  (more)

Alumni News

Jepson Honors Three Alumni at Reunion Weekend

The Jepson School celebrated the 15th anniversary of its first graduating class with a   Reunion Weekend gathering on campus. The celebration honored three alumni - Ben   Wallerstein, '99, Greg Efthimiou, '99, and Jonathan Zur, '03, - for the work they do in   their communities.   (more)

Alumni Share Advice, Encourage Students to Address Global Challenges

Jepson alumni are dedicated to giving back - to their communities, to their places of    work and to the University. A record number of alumni returned to campus this spring to share advice and offer encouragement to students.  (more)

University of Richmond Names Jepson Alumna Kimberly Bowers Dale as Major Gifts Officer for Law School

Kimberly Bowers Dale, director of gubernatorial appointments for Virginia Gov. Tim     Kaine, has been named major gifts officer for the University of Richmond School of Law. (more)

Alumni Spotlight

Stories of Service: Alumni Project a Success

As part of the 150 Days in a Lifetime of Service campaign that marked the 15th        anniversary of the School's first graduating class, these stories showcase Jepson         students' and graduates' activities and thinking about civic engagement.  (more)

Jepson Alumni Featured in Richmond Magazine

For Aaron Graham, '02, Rebecca Condon, '07, Tara Sulzen, '07, and Samuel Kaufman,  '99, modeling leadership and doing community service is all part of the job. And they  wouldn't have it any other way.   (more)


Photo Finish

Leadership studies major Laura Musser leads the conga line as students prepare to enter the Robins Center.
Photo courtesy of the Richmond Times-Dispatch.

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