Jepson School News

Adrienne Capps ('98) Establishes Research Fellowship to Honor Dr. Fredric Jablin

When Adrienne D. Capps (’98) learned of the death of Dr. Fredric Jablin this past fall, she wanted to find a way to honor his memory. Jablin, a leading scholar in the field of organizational communications and a beloved professor, made a lasting impression on Capps and many others who studied research methodology and communications under his careful tutelage.
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Connect Network Benefits Nonprofit Communities, Provides Research Opportunities for Students

The halls of Jepson are much livelier this summer than in previous summers, thanks largely to the activity emanating from the second-floor offices of the Connect Network. Dr. Nancy Stutts, who has taught classes on justice and civil society at Jepson for several years, conceived of the Connect Network as a way to empower the nonprofit community.
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Faculty Spotlight

Dr. Douglas Hicks Appears on NBC's "Today Show"

Dr. Douglas Hicks appeared in a March 24 segment of NBC's "Today Show" that focused on the role of religion in the workplace.
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Student Spotlight

Jackie Knupp (’06) Will Use Truman Scholarship to Attend Medical School

One thing is clear on Jackie Knupp’s Jepson internship form: she’ll be spending the summer interning at a genetics lab at Duke University. What is not clear—at least to the layman—is what exactly she’ll be doing there.
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Alumni News

Meredith Schalick ('95) Receives 2005 Alumni Achievement Award for Her Work with Abused and Neglected Children

Meredith Schalick ('95) vividly remembers meeting "Tanya" (not her real name) during her Jepson service-learning work with Richmond Court Appointed Special Advocates (CASA), she said. Although very close in ageSchalick was 20 and Tanya 15 at the timetheir life experiences were vastly different.
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Maureen Kiley ('03) Applies Systems Thinking to Social Justice Issues in Appalachia

Most people would agree that Maureen "Mo" Kiley ('03) thinks about things a little differently than the average person.
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Alumni Spotlight: Jepson Graduates Tackle Health Care

Jennifer Chiappetta Heffron (’94) Advocates for Mental Health

Jennifer Chiappetta Heffron (’94) traces her interest in mental health advocacy to a Jepson class she took over a decade ago. Students in Dr. Richard Couto’s class listened attentively as a guest speaker described the difficulties she faced as a mental health consumer, including her subjugation to forced treatment, Heffron recalled.
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Kristen Netsel Benes (’94) Puts a Smile on Her Patients’ Faces

When Kristen Netsel Benes (’95) attended dental school at Virginia Commonwealth University’s Medical College of Virginia, she learned not only about dentistry and orthodontics but also about the joy of sharing her newly acquired skills with those less fortunate.
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Public Health Physician Camille Cade Hammond (’97) Plans to Research Infertility

The bedside alarm clock blares out a wake-up call in the inky, predawn darkness. Camille Cade Hammond (’97) slides her feet onto the floor and pulls herself out of bed to meet the challenges of a new day. It is 4:15 a.m.
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Gerry Ibay (’00) and Katie Sloan (’03) Provide the Support Necessary to Keep Hospitals Running Smoothly

When most people think of hospitals, they conjure up images of doctors and nurses in scrubs bending over a patient in the operating room or rushing down hallways pushing gurneys and barking orders. Hardly anyone thinks of all the people quietly working behind-the-scenes in administrative jobs—people who keep the business side of hospitals running smoothly so the doctors and nurses can concentrate on patients. People like Edwin “Gerry” Ibay (’00) and Katie Sloan (’03).
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Summer Jobs, Leadership Studies Prepare Allison Kirk (’05) for Medical School

Allison Kirk (’05) has known since high school that she wanted to pursue a medical career helping the disabled. As a college student, she systematically planned her summers around learning as much as she could about the medical profession and the health-care system. Now she is ready for the next step.
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