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Justice and Civil Society Course Forms and Deadlines

Students should familiarize themselves with the forms listed below, which are necessary in completing requirements for the community-based component of the Justice and Civil Society course, LDST 210. It is recommended that students also use the TO DO Checklist  to track and record paperwork submitted in connection with their service.

SpidersEngage Community Partner Registration

Students are to register in SpidersEngage. Once registered in SpidersEngage students will be able to navigate to their respective LDST 210 section and register to volunteer with a community partner of their choosing.

Once you have chosen your community partner and signed up for events, please set up transportation immediately (no later than 1 week after registering for your events).  The shuttle sign up closes on 2/21/2020. Transportation

Approved Community Partner site list can be found on Justice & Civil Society course information page and in SpidersEngage.

Court Observation Verification

The Court Observation Verification is used to document student attendance at a Richmond Juvenile and Domestic Relations District Court session.  It is signed by the court administrator and the student.

Deadline: Immediately upon completion of the scheduled court observation session

Juvenile and Domestic Relations District Courts Informational Pamphlet

Driving directions to Oliver Hill Courts Building

Police Ride-Along Application

The Police Ride-Along Application is needed by the local police department for all students whose instructors require participation in a police ride-along as part of the experiential component of the course. Students must submit a completed application before a ride-along can be scheduled.

Deadline: Due at the course orientation session.

Police Precinct Contact Information

Note: Students who are under 18 years of age or who are not U.S. citizens should contact Dr. Soderlund to arrange for participation in an alternative social observation experience such as attendance at a session of juvenile court.

Community-Based Learning Site Evaluation

The Community-based Learning Site Evaluation is an online form completed by the student to provide feedback about his or her community-based learning experience.

A couple of weeks before the end of the semester, students will receive an email with a link, prompting them to complete the evaluation. 

The evaluation is mandatory.

Volunteer Service Log

Students must download the Volunteer Service Log and use it to record their hours of service throughout the semester; the site supervisor signs off upon completion. Travel time to and from the site does not count toward the required minimum number of service hours.

Deadline: Last day of class

Note: The Volunteer Service Log is an Excel spreadsheet that will automatically calculate elapsed time when the time in and time out columns are entered in military time (00:00-24:00) in the format hh:mm. The Time Conversion Chart may be used as a reference to convert regular time to military time when entering data into the log.

Volunteer Service Log Time Conversion Chart

The Volunteer Service Log Time Conversion Chart may be used as a reference to convert regular time to military time when entering data into the Volunteer Service Log.  (Use of military time allows automatic calculation of elapsed time.)

Upcoming Events and Deadlines

TBD- Community-based learning contracts due.

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