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Justice and Civil Society Course Information

The Jepson School’s Justice and Civil Society course explores the meaning and practice of justice in contemporary society and gives students an opportunity to apply what they have learned. Students read about and debate theories of justice and study poverty and other socio-economic problems and then serve populations in need by volunteering in nonprofit organizations throughout Greater Richmond.  *Some sections of Justice may be required to complete a City of Richmond police ride-along or a court observation.

For the community component of this class, you will:

  1. Register to serve with an approved Justice community partner and, if needed, request university transportation through the class portal in SpidersEngage. Below are links to take you directly to your course section.
  2. Enter impact hours served at your designated community partner each week via your class portal in SpidersEngage.  Hours will be verified by community partner administrators every Sunday.
  3. Submit a background check form for City of Richmond Police Department and choose a date for your police ride-along. *Only Dr. Marilie Coetsee's classes are required to do a police ride-along.
  4. If you cannot, or do not want to do the police ride-along, you may be able to do a court observation or a UR Police campus ride-along. Please contact Linda Trent at for additional information.
  5. Near the end of the semester you are required to complete an on-line evaluation of your service site.  A link will be sent to you toward the end of the semester.

Please use these links to connect to your class in SpidersEngage.

Dr. Marilie Coetsee Section 1

Dr. Marilie Coetsee Section 2

Dr. Thad Williamson Section 3

Dr. Thad Williamson Section 4

The approved community partners for each of the sections of Justice and Civil Society are listed below.  

Dr. Marilie Coetsee approved partners:

  • Crossover Healthcare Ministries
  • Higher Achievement (Henderson and Boushall)
  • Peter Paul Development Center
  • Sacred Heart Center
  • Second Baptist ESL

Dr. Thad Williamson approved partners:

  • Circles RVA
  • Next Up
  • RVA Future Center (Richmond Public Schools: Armstrong, John Marshall, George Wythe, and Thomas Jefferson).
  • Richmond Peace Education Center


Faculty members approach the class in different ways. Course syllabi are posted each semester. Dr. Thad Williamson and Dr. Marilie Coetsee are teaching the course during Spring 2019.


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