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Brief Bios of 2019-20 Officers

Ana Paula Alvarado

Ana Paula Alvarado, '21
Vice President of Student Affairs

Hometown: Tegucigalpa, Honduras
Major: leadership studies & rhetoric and communications studies
Minor: education and society
Activities: speech consultant, tour guide, Pi Beta Phi Sorority sister, University Communications 
Why I love Jepson: I have had great experiences in all my Jepson classes. I like how Jepson incorporates different fields and perspectives in classes. The professors have been great mentors and encouragers. As someone who wants to work in nonprofits after college, Jepson is giving me many necessary tools to succeed.
Why JSGA: I want to get more involved in the Jepson community and help as much as I can. Through JSGA, I have learned more about Jepson and have had the opportunity to meet more students, faculty, and staff. 
Fun fact: I have an irrational fear of bicycles, which is why I never learned to ride a bike.

Nora Apt

Nora Apt, '21
Executive Vice President

Hometown: McLean, Va.
Majors: leadership studies & healthcare studies
Activities: Tri Delta Sorority sister, Youth Life volunteer tutor and mentor, Science Leadership Scholar 
Why I love Jepson: Jepson's interdisciplinary course material creates an environment in which unique perspectives can be exchanged, enabling students to challenge and learn from one another. Leadership provides the foundation for all fields. With the knowledge and experience I've gained in Jepson, I will be better prepared to face  challenges that arise in my future studies and life situations. 
Why JSGA: I want to help shape the Jepson community and maximize the experience of its students!
Fun fact: I was a 12-season athlete in high school.

Alex Beran

Alexandra Beran, '21
Vice President of Public Relations

Hometown: Basking Ridge, N.J.  
Majors: leadership studies
Minors: Italian studies
Activities: diver on the Women's Swim and Dive Team
Why I love Jepson: I love the Jepson School because the major is applicable to any career and teaches students how to think, argue, and analyze. Students can choose their own path from many different disciplines and subject areas within the major.  
Why JSGA: I want to establish closer relationships in the Jepson community. I want students to have more opportunities to explore leadership outside the classroom with peers, professors, and alumni.   
Fun Fact: I can't sleep without socks on.

Bridget Bodley

Bridget Bodley, '20
Vice President of Academic Affairs

Hometown: Catonsville, Md.
Majors: leadership studies and biology
Activities: Tri Delta Sorority sister, Best Buddies volunteer, Young Life volunteer, Youth Life Foundation of Richmond mentor and tutor
Why I love Jepson: Jepson is a community of curious students and professors who ask challenging and insightful questions. Jepson’s multidisciplinary nature enables me to explore a diverse array of topics and subjects. 
Why JSGA: I joined JSGA to become more involved in the Jepson community. Jepson is full of vibrant, passionate people and that translates into all of the School's events, classes, speakers, and traditions. I have loved engaging in planning and participating in a larger role within this community!
Fun Fact: I still have baby teeth.

Taylor Hoogsteden

Taylor Hoogsteden, '20

Hometown: Princeton Junction, N.J.
Major: leadership studies 
Minors: education and society & law and the liberal arts
Activities: Camp Kesem volunteer, Delta Gamma Sorority sister, Phi Alpha Delta Pre-Law Fraternity member, Writing Center consultant
Why I love Jepson: A Jepson education is unique because Jepson professors come from varied disciplines and are able to offer different perspectives on a multitude of pertinent issues. Many of my Jepson courses allow me to better understand society and the needs of the most marginalized individuals and inspire me to contribute towards society in a positive way. There is a lot to be said about a major that carries over into just about every aspect of your life. Finally, I love the passion Jepson students have for the topics we study and appreciate the drive Jepson students have towards catalyzing positive change within society.
Why JSGA: I want to work with others to ensure every Jepson student voice is heard and students have the best experiences possible. 
Fun Fact: I trained at the same performing arts studio as Ariana Grande when I was younger. 

Paul Knepple

Paul Knepple, '20
Vice President of Finance

Hometown: Phoenix, Ariz.
Majors: leadership studies & Italian studies
Activities: member of the UR Men's Cross Country Team   
Why I love Jepson: Jepson has provided me with countless opportunities to learn about important topics, meet awesome people, and have new experiences. Jepson has allowed to me to study a wide range of interesting topics without having to focus on one specific aspect. 
Why JSGA: I want to get involved with Jepson outside the classroom. I am very grateful for the opportunities Jepson has provided me, and I want to play a role in continuing to make Jepson a great place. 
Fun Fact: I’m good at the yo-yo. 

Sara Milano

Sara Milano, '20
Vice President of Special Events

Hometown: Bedford, Mass.
Majors: leadership studies & political science 
Activities: Politics Club member, Planned Parenthood Generation Action participant  
Why I love Jepson: Leadership studies sounds abstract, but I’ve found my Jepson classes to be the most applicable of any I’ve taken. Leadership is all around us, and by studying it, topics in history, psychology, and even economics come alive. The sense of community in Jepson is tangible, and I’m lucky to be surrounded by engaged and and accomplished peers.  
Why JSGA: Jepson helped me recognize and develop my own leadership potential, making me want to take on more positions like this. My leadership studies major has had an undisputed positive effect on my college experience, and I want to be a part of shaping that experience for others. 
Fun Fact: My high school senior superlative was "Totally Tardy." I'd like to think I'm better now!

Joe Moise

Joe Moise, '20 

Hometown: St. Louis, Mo.
Major: leadership studies & business administration with a concentration in finance
Activities: RCSGA senator, Theta Chi Fraternity brother
Why I love Jepson: Jepson is a place that has taught me a lot about myself and how I want to lead in the future. Our discussion-based classes always provide a plethora of useful information and diverse opinions that we can then unpack and incorporate into our everyday lives. I love Jepson because it shapes students into becoming responsible, considerate leaders who want to create positive change. 
Why JSGA: I desire to have a bigger impact on Jepson than just being a student in the classroom. I want to give back to the Jepson community by helping JSGA work on its budget, plan events, and represent its students the best way I can. 
Fun fact: I have never broken a bone.

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