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Brief Bios of 2018-19 Officers

Julie Ball

Julie Ball, '19

Hometown: Chicago, Il.
Major: Leadership Studies
Minor: Latin American, Latino & Iberian Studies
Activities: Division I Women’s Lacrosse, Kappa Kappa Gamma Sorority, Student-Athlete Advisory Committee (SAAC)
Why I love Jepson: I love Jepson because leadership and people dynamics applies everywhere. We are fortunate enough to be taught by multidisciplinary faculty, giving us a wide range of different topics to be interested in and pursue after graduation. Each day classes push me out of my comfort zone to think critically about many of our most pressing issues today and as a result, become passionate about making a difference.
Why JSGA: I decided to join JSGA two years ago because I love the Jepson community and I wanted to get involved further to contribute as much as I can.
Fun fact: I have two high school diplomas! I did a post-graduate year at a preparatory school, so I guess you could say I got my “masters” in high school?

Chelsea Eareckson

Chelsea Eareckson, '19
Vice President of Special Events

Hometown: Brielle, N.J.
Majors: Biology; Leadership Studies
Activities: Writing Consultant, Research Assistant, JSGA
Why I love Jepson: Every class I take at Jepson changes my perspective of the world slightly. The professors encourage you to think harder and look deeper at everything going on around you. The classes are challenging and engaging, making them some of the most rewarding experiences that I have found here at UR. I've loved every experience that I've had through Jepson, and I feel so fortunate for the opportunity to know and learn from both the professors and the students in Jepson.
Why JSGA: As a biology major, I want to bring more to the table and integrate the science and leadership schools at Richmond more closely.
Fun fact: I have a twin sister!

Sabrina Escobar

Sabrina Escobar, '19
Vice President of Academic Affairs

Hometown: San Salvador, El Salvador
Majors: Leadership Studies; Journalism
Minors: Rhetoric and Communication Studies
Activities: JSGA, Forum Magazine, Tri Delta, Speech Center
Why I love Jepson: I’ve always been interested in the humanities and social sciences, and the way the Jepson curriculum works, I can learn about leadership through the lenses of so many different fields. It’s also pretty cool the way that both of my majors complement each other and how I can incorporate what I've learned in my leadership classes in literally all of my other classes and even in my internship.
Why JSGA: JSGA has been a great way for me to give back to the Jepson community. It's given me a chance to get more involved with my leadership education by interacting with amazing faculty, staff, and other Jepson students. 
Fun Fact: I have a black belt in karate.

Aaron Gano

Aaron Gano, '20
Executive Vice President

Hometown: Athens, Ga.
Majors: Leadership Studies; Computer Science
Activities: Jepson Student Government Senator, Residence Life, Young Life, Off Campus CSC Internship, Science Leadership Scholars program
Why I love Jepson: The other students and the professors are such amazing people! The discussions and conversations I have had with these people both in the classroom and out have been really awesome. 
Why JSGA: Serving as a Senator on the Jepson Student Government has been amazing way for me to contribute to something I believe is making a real difference. The Jepson School’s mission to raise the leaders of the next generation to be informed, ethical, effective, and compassionate is one that can really make a difference in this world. As someone who has a small part in continuing to make that mission a reality, I take a great amount of pride in it. I bring a wealth of experience to the role, as I have past Jepson Student Governing experience and have intentionally developed the people skills and reasoning ability necessary to contribute in such a role. I try to be intentional, responsive, and open to feedback from fellow classmates, Senators, and faculty. 
Fun Fact: I don't like chocolate.

Taylor Hoogsteden

Taylor Hoogsteden, '20
Vice President of Student Affairs

Hometown: Princeton Junction, N.J.
Major: Leadership Studies
Minors: Education and Society; Law and the Liberal Arts
Activities: Camp Kesem, Delta Gamma Sorority, Phi Alpha Delta Pre-Law Fraternity, Writing Center Consultant
Why I love Jepson: I love Jepson because Jepson professors come from varied backgrounds and are able to offer different perspectives on a multitude of pertinent issues. In addition, many of the courses I take allow me to better understand society, and, in doing so, inspire me to contribute towards society in a positive way. Further, I think there is a lot to be said about a major that carries over into just about every aspect of your everyday life.
Why JSGA: I want to work with others to bring forth the best possible activities to enhance the Jepson student experience.
Fun Fact: I used to be very involved with acting, and I auditioned for a Nickelodeon television pilot when I was 14 years old. 

Caroline Noonan

Caroline Noonan, '19
Vice President of Public Relations

Hometown: Phoenix, Ariz.
Majors: Leadership Studies; English
Activities: The Sirens (All Female A Cappella Group), Pi Beta Phi Sorority, Writing Consultant, Research Assistant   
Why I love Jepson: I had a lot of trouble choosing a major because I didn’t want to limit myself to a single discipline. As a Jepson student, I don’t have to! I am so grateful to have a truly interdisciplinary major, where every class I take gives me a completely new perspective. As a senior, I now see how pertinent leadership studies is to our world, and I am so excited to use the skills and knowledge I now have after I graduate!
Why JSGA: I love the fact that I get to combine my interest in marketing and communications with my desire to be more involved in the Jepson community!
Fun Fact: I love solo traveling! I’ve traveled alone to Ireland and Italy, and I want to visit Australia after graduation.

Emma Thomas

Emma Thomas, '19 

Hometown: Chicago, Il.
Major: Psychology; Leadership Studies
Activities: Best Buddies, Tri Delta Sorority, Club Basketball
Why I love Jepson: I love Jepson because of the ability to apply what I learn to real-world experiences and provide me with a lens in which to view social interaction and decision making in a well-developed way. Jepson has strengthened my self-initiative and passion for what I believe in and given me the confidence and tools needed to succeed.
Why JSGA: I chose to be involved in JSGA to further immerse myself in the Jepson community and enhance the relationship between Jepson and the rest of campus!
Fun fact: I once did a presentation on an ant instead of disease when the assignment was about “infectious bugs” in an infectious diseases biology class.

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