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The Jepson Corps

The Jepson School of Leadership Studies brings together strong, dedicated students in its formation of the Jepson Corps, an emissary group of students who will serve to educate external parties on the benefits of a Jepson education.

The Corps has three goals: educate interested parties on Jepson, articulate the student experience and the value of the curriculum and participate in processes that strengthen the Jepson School’s mission. 

One key responsibility of the Corps centers on relations with prospective students. Jepson Corps members participate in informational sessions about admission to the Jepson School, Family Weekend events and other opportunities where students can share firsthand what Jepson means to them. They will meet, dine and communicate with prospective students interested in Jepson.

Jepson Corps members also serve as an important link to new Jepson students. The Corps helps with new student orientation, the so-called Jepsonian Institute.

Other responsibilities of the Jepson Corps stretch beyond the immediate present of the School. They aid in the interview process of candidates applying for faculty and staff positions at Jepson. Corps members also assist with alumni networking and attend alumni events.

Corps members serve at the invitation of the Jepson deans. Students are invited based on their academic performance and engagement in the Jepson, University and or Greater Richmond communities.

Participation in the Corps helps students develop public speaking skills, refine members' own perspectives on leadership and the benefits of a Jepson education, hone networking skills and build alumni relationships. Corps members are recognized publically at Finale, the senior recognition and award ceremony.

2018-19 Jepson Corps Members

Joshua Anderson, ’19

Jimmy Bernstein, ’19

Mikayla Boginsky, ’19

Aaron D’Oleo, ’19

Lydia Dubois, ’19

George Hall, ’19

Jamie Katz, ’19

Sydney Lake, ’19

Carolina Rosas, ’19

Erin Sorady, ’19

Jepson Corps Members

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Associate Dean for Student & External Affairs

Room 122, Jepson Hall 
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