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David Cramer

David Cramer

David Cramer is Head of US Financial Institution Sales for Visa, Inc. He oversees all activities related to US Super-Regional financial institutions. Prior to his current role David was both senior vice president of sales and integrated solutions and senior vice president of commercial products for Visa USA where he oversaw product development strategies, business development strategies, and deployment of Visa’s commercial payment products among financial institutions and organizations in the public and private sectors.

Prior to joining Visa USA in 2003, Cramer held various roles in sales, marketing, and business development for JPMorgan Chase, GE Capital, and Citicorp.

David received a bachelor’s degree in politics from Ithaca College.

David’s connection to the Jepson School is his children. David’s son Alex, ’11, and Molly, ’14, were both Jepson students and were both President of JSGA. David’s daughter-in-law, Melissa Collins Cramer, ’11, was also a Jepson student and President of JSGA immediately following Alex’s term as he graduated a semester early.

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