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Jepson Colloquium: Evolutionary Models of Leadership Across Human Society

The goal of this interdisciplinary colloquium is to develop a research agenda to test different evolutionary theories/models of leadership and followership cross-culturally, and across various institutional settings.


Joey Cheng, Assistant Professor of Psychology
University of Illinois

Don Forsyth, Colonel Leo K. & Gaylee Thorsness Endowed Chair in Ethical Leadership
University of Richmond

Zach Garfield, Doctoral Student
Washington State University

Luke Glowacki, Research Fellow
IAST Toulouse

Al Goethals, E. Claiborne Robins Distinguished Professorship in Leadership Studies
University of Richmond

Paul Hooper, Director of Education
Santa Fe Institute 

Crystal Hoyt, Professor of Leadership Studies and Psychology and Associate Dean for Academic Affairs
University of Richmond

Michal Kandrik, Assistant Professor of Behavioural and Movement Sciences
Vrije Universiteit, Amsterdam

Lasse Laustsen, Assistant Professor of Political Science
Aarhus University

Jon Maner, Professor of Psychology
Florida State University

Siobhán M. Mattison, Assistant Professor of Anthropology
University of New Mexico

Rose McDermott, David and Marianna Fisher University Professor of International Relations
Brown University

Michael Bang Peterson, Professor of Political Science
Aarhus University

Michael Price, Senior Lecturer in Psychology 
Brunel University

Chris von Rueden, Assistant Professor of Leadership Studies
University of Richmond  

Mark van Vugt, Professor, Department of Experimental and Applied Psychology
Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam

Information for Participants

Co-organizer: Chris von Rueden
Co-organizer: Mark van Vugt
Event Manager: Shannon Best

About the Jepson Colloquium

Past themes for the Jepson Colloquium have included ability and enhancement, conflict resolution, cultural leadership, leadership and the collective good, Lincoln's legacy of leadership, executive power, global justice, presidential leadership, and more.