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What sets Jepson graduates apart?

Critical Thinking­­ — It's not only a required course in the Jepson School curriculum, it's central to everything we do. Leaders are required to make judgments about a wide variety of topics and situations. Jepson School courses are deliberate in developing critical thinking skills so graduates can assess the information they have in order to make good judgments about people, information, and ideas.

Ethics — A Jepson education prepares students for responsible leadership. The Jepson curriculum introduces students to moral, organizational, or historical problems, and the Leadership Ethics course brings all these together. Ethics coursework challenges students to identify and respond to problems and to define what is and is not permissible. Students develop arguments for solving problems and learn to recognize logical fallacies.

Teamwork — Jepson classes emphasize teamwork through projects and by exploring topics like group dynamics, cooperation, and decision-making. Graduates recognize that they are part of a team or group and vary their leadership according to that context.

Persuasion­­ — Teamwork involves persuading the group of the best course of action. Jepson classes require leaders to support their claims using evidence and research and then state their cases through written essays, presentations, and debates.

Social Responsibility — All Jepson students engage in service-learning projects and analyze their experiences in terms of equity, justice, and inclusion. They explore implicit bias and its impacts and consider ways in which different social identities impact individual experiences. 

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What Alumni Say

“The most important skill that I learned is critical thinking, and for someone who grows and manages an organization, that’s a skill that I use every day and it’s a skill I look for in all the hires I try to make as well.” — Alison Smith Mangiero, ’05
Founder & President, The Tocqueville Group