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The Jepson Update

A newsletter for alumni and friends of the Jepson School • Fall 2018

The Jepson Update

A newsletter for alumni and friends of the Jepson School • Fall 2018

The Jepson Update

A newsletter for alumni and friends of the Jepson School • Fall 2018

The Jepson Update

A newsletter for alumni and friends of the Jepson School • Fall 2018

From the Dean

Sandra J. Peart

Later this week, the Jepson School Class of 2021 will receive their acceptance letters. Those letters come with a promise: When our students graduate, they will have knowledge and experience to tackle the difficult problems we currently face. This promise is reflected in our programs, such as the Jepson School leader-in-residence, our teaching and curriculum, and our partnerships with Jepson alumni. It’s at the core of our profile-raising initiative, which seeks to engage all members of the Jepson community.

The number of leadership studies students graduating each year has nearly doubled over the past decade as increasing numbers of students have recognized the value of a Jepson degree. In this newsletter, you’ll read about some of the ways we are adapting to meet this demand, including adding faculty and renovating spaces in Jepson Hall. As we innovate, we reaffirm our commitment to educate students both for and about leadership.


Sandra J. Peart
Dean, Jepson School of Leadership Studies
University of Richmond

Brunch with the Dean

Brunch is on Jepson during Homecoming Weekend!

Thanks to our amazing Jepson community, the Jepson School surpassed its 2018 Spider Challenge goal, so we’re treating you to brunch during #SpiderHC! Join Dean Sandra Peart and the Jepson School faculty and staff for food and drinks in Jepson Hall on Saturday from 11 a.m. –1 p.m.

Advance registration required.

A Space for Ethics

This semester, we launched a renovation project to create a new space for leadership ethics in Jepson Hall. The space that formerly held the Jepson 120 auditorium is being updated to include a new state-of-the-art classroom, 4 new offices, and a small conference room. The renovated space is anticipated to be open in the Spring 2019 semester.

“At a time when division abounds, this renovation reflects our commitment to empowering students to adjudicate competing moral claims, assume positions of ethical leadership, and live purposeful lives,” says Jepson Dean Sandra J. Peart.

Dr. Marilie Coetsee

Jepson welcomes ethicist Marilie Coetsee

Dr. Marilie Coetsee joined the Jepson School as assistant professor of leadership studies this fall. She received her doctorate in philosophy from Rutgers University and master's degrees in religious studies and philosophy from Rutgers and Stanford respectively. She currently teaches Leadership Ethics at Jepson.

“I hope that students will leave the course not just with a theoretical understanding of the material, but also with practical wisdom about how to approach complex, real-world ethical problems and with the skills to deliberate effectively with others about those problems,” said Coetsee.

Read our Q&A with Dr. Coetsee

Ken Ruscio to return to Jepson as senior distinguished lecturer

Dr. Ken Ruscio, president emeritus of Washington & Lee University and a former Jepson School dean, will return to the Jepson School beginning in spring 2019 as senior distinguished lecturer. Ruscio, who will complete his presidency of the Virginia Foundation for Independent Colleges in December, served as dean of the Jepson School from 2002–2006 before becoming president of W&L from 2006–2016. At Jepson he'll teach special topics courses on democracy and political leadership.

“Given the current condition of democracy, it's important that students understand our political system, its principles, and how democratic theory has evolved throughout history,” said Ruscio. “As future leaders, students must begin to consider an ongoing dilemma for American democracy. What is the role of leaders in a democracy and how do we both empower and constrain them?”

Read the press release

Dr. Ken Ruscio

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