As the Jepson School celebrates its 30th anniversary, we are pleased to present JEPSON Talks, a series of virtual events for Jepson alumni, sponsored by the Alumni Engagement Committee of the Jepson Alumni Corps.

The series showcases past and present Jepson faculty sharing their research and expertise. Through JEPSON Talks, alumni can reconnect with faculty they know and meet those who came before or after their time at Jepson.

All of the virtual talks begin at 7 p.m. Advance registration is required.

2022-23 Programming 

Dec. 5 Urban American History and the Policies That Shape How and Where We Live featuring Dr. Julian Hayter  WATCH the video. LISTEN to the audio.
Nov. 6  Reflections from the Deans featuring Drs. Sandra Peart and Kenneth Ruscio WATCH the video. LISTEN to the audio.
May 26  A Virtual Evening with Drs. Gill R. Hickman and Crystal L. Hoyt