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Symposium Schedule and Exhibits

10:30 a.m.–11:30 a.m.
Jepson Hall, Jepson Faculty Lounge

Remarks by Faculty Advisors
11:30 a.m.–Noon
Jepson Hall, Heilig-Meyers Lounge

Lunch Reception
Noon–1 p.m.
Jepson Hall, Jepson Faculty Lounge

List of Exhibits

AJ Accomando, "Assessments of Potential Leaders: The Impact of Socioeconomic Status on Leadership Perceptions"*
     Thesis advisor: Dr. Al Goethals

Amy Alexander, "Thanks but No Tanks: A Look at Charitable Giving and Marine Mammal Parks"*
     Thesis advisor: Dr. Haley Harwell

Aggy Barnowski, "Heroes and Gender"
     Research advisors: Dr. Crystal Hoyt and Dr. Scott Allison

Elizabeth Bodalski, "ADHD and the Dark Side of Leadership"*
     Thesis advisor: Dr. Crystal Hoyt

Liang-Yun Cheng, "The Follower Effect"
     Research advisor: Dr. Don Forsyth

Chelsey Davidson, "International Environmental Law: Global Leadership & Collective Action"
     Research advisor: Dr. Javier Hidalgo

Rachel Forsyth, "The Power of Mindsets: Exploring the Role of Implicit Theories on Social Dominance Orientation and Volunteering"
     Research advisor: Dr. Crystal Hoyt

Ryan Foster, "A University's Moral Compass: Improving Honor Codes and Academic Integrity"*
     Thesis advisor: Dr. Jessica Flanigan

Hayley Gray-Hoehn, "Communication, Technology, and Leadership: A Preliminary Communication Base"*
     Thesis advisor: Dr. Kristin Bezio

Joseph Han, "uRVA—Connecting the University to the City with Uber and Local Business"
     Research advisor: Dr. Thad Williamson

Patrick Hughes, "The Rise of Stalin and Mussolini: The Importance of Historical Context in the Study of Leader Emergence"
     Research advisor: Dr. Peter Kaufman

Mitchell Parry, "Understanding the Role of Political Ideology in Contemporary Sexual Discrimination"
     Research advisor: Dr. Crystal Hoyt

Alyssa Ross, "Training in Virtual Reality"
     Research advisor: Dr. Kristin Bezio

Annette Schieffelin, "The Effect of Implicit Theories and Gender on Self-Efficacy, Confidence, Interest, and Resilience in the Domains of Computer Science and Psychology"*
     Thesis advisor: Dr. Crystal Hoyt

Caroline Utz, "The Original Fake News: The Leadership Impact of Satirical News in Today's Media Landscape"
     Research advisor: Dr. Kristin Bezio

Veerle Verhey, "Gender Wage Gap in For-Profits Versus Non-Profits"*
     Thesis advisor: Dr. Crystal Hoyt

Alana Wiljanen, "MacBheatha"*
     Thesis advisor: Dr. Kristin Bezio

* Denotes Honors Project