Previous Honorees

Past recipients of the Fredric M. Jablin Award for Undergraduate Research   

  • Natasha Levanti, '12, received the 2011 award for her research on Danish culture and politics. Jepson faculty member Joanne B. Ciulla is her adviser.

  • Prasant R. Dubey, '10. Dubey's research focused on race and rejection. His research showed that rejection by someone in another racial group appears to activate racerelated stereotypes. Jepson faculty member Crystal L. Hoyt served as his adviser. Story

  • Xenia Schneider, '09. Schneider's research during 2008-09 focused on the ethical treatment of animals, which culminated in her senior honors thesis, "Treating Animals Right: Introducing a New Fairness Approach." Jepson faculty member Terry L. Price was her adviser. Story
  • Garrett Schlein, '09. Schlein's research project on "Individual and Collective Environmentalism: An Application to Watershed Conservation" sought to determine if residents who are more engaged in the civic life of their community are more likely to be concerned with protecting and enhancing the physical condition of their community's watershed. He conducted research during summer 2007. Jepson faculty member Donelson R. Forsyth was his adviser. 
  • Guy Peterson, '07, a triple major in leadership studies, political science and urban practice and policy, conducted research during summer 2006 on environmental policy for U.S. Representative Jim McDermott. His efforts were concentrated specifically on renewable energy and conservation techniques.

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