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Careers and Outcomes

Where can leadership studies take students? Anywhere they want to go.

Students of the Jepson School pursue a wide variety of career paths and professions. A Jepson education fosters crucial skills employers are looking for in smart, well-versed students, enabling them to become successful employees and even bosses of their own companies. Jepson graduates pursue careers in business, education, health care, politics, government agencies, nonprofit organizations, and more.

Some Jepson students choose to go to graduate or professional school immediately after graduation. Others seek advanced education after several years in the workforce. Many Jepson graduates are in management or leadership roles in their organizations.

Preparation for the Workplace

Competencies employers want include capacities for communication, critical thinking, ethics and social responsibility, self-managed learning, managing change, teamwork, leadership, and interpersonal skills. These competencies are gained in the Jepson School of Leadership Studies. Our courses develop skills employers say they need the most. Jepson graduates:

  • examine the present by referring to the past
  • master leadership theory
  • translate theory into practice
  • think critically
  • listen actively
  • communicate effectively
  • imagine, create, and invent
  • understand complex problems and see relationships between factors
  • apply ethical reasoning to their actions and those of others
  • mediate and negotiate conflicts
  • understand how to lead change

Because classes are taught as seminars and often include group projects, Jepson graduates tend to have a high sense of cooperation and high-functioning organizational, time management, and presentation skills. They have a deep understanding of group dynamics, and they understand management ambiguity. Service-oriented, they see themselves as stewards of the organizations they join.

Employer Contact

Megan Wallace
Director of Business Development
Office of Alumni and Career Services
(804) 289-8729
Hire Spiders Website

Recent career placements include

Capital One
Deloitte Consulting
Goldman Sachs
Macy's Executive Development Program
Peace Corps
Polaris Project
Political Development Group
Target Corp.
Teach for America
The Advisory Board Company
U.S. House of Representatives
U.S. Navy
World Pediatric Project