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Brief Bios of 2016-17 Officers

Andrew Beck

Andrew Beck, '17
Vice President for Administration & Finance

Hometown: Lititz, Pa.
Major(s): Marketing; Leadership Studies
Why Jepson? Why wouldn't anyone want to study here? The amazing student-to-faculty ratio, the interdisciplinary, critical subject matter, the general community...they all make attending the first leadership school a great honor.
Why JSGA? I ran simply because I want to help improve the school wherever it's realistically possible. This year, I look forward to tackling impactful projects that will be meaningful to the student body.
Fun fact: I'm working to patent a product I invented.

Leland Damron

Leland Damron, '18
Vice President for Public Relations

Hometown: Winchester, Va.
Major(s): Mathematical Economics; Leadership Studies; Pre-Health
Activities: Kappa Alpha Theta, tennis, running
Why Jepson? Over the past year and a half, the students and faculty of Jepson have changed the person I am and the way I think. As a result, I have become a much stronger student and open-minded person. To me, Jepson is more than just a series of classes but rather an experience that impacts all aspects of my life.
Why JSGA? I love the Jepson community and being able to play a role within it. I am so happy that I get to serve on JSGA for another year, and I look forward to interacting with everyone.
Fun Fact: I was born with red hair.

Chelsey Davidson

Chelsey Davidson, '17

Hometown: Richmond, Va.
Major(s): Leadership Studies; PPEL
Activities: Forum Magazine, Speech Consultant, ChildFund International
Why Jepson? Jepson professors allow us to think critically and approach topics unusual perspectives — in short, our professors are the best! Jepson has provided me with so many opportunities, including studying abroad at University of Cambridge.
Why JSGA? I feel so privileged that you all chose me to be your president this year! I ran for JSGA to establish a closer tie between fellow students and faculty, and to create more opportunities for my classmates.
Fun fact: I can sing Head-Shoulders-Knees-And-Toes in English, French, and Norwegian. I'm basically trilingual.

Sabrina Escobar Miranda

Sabrina Escobar Miranda, '19
Sophomore Senator

Hometown: San Salvador, El Salvador
Major(s): Leadership Studies and Journalism
Activities: Forum Magazine, JSGA, Speech Center, International Student Advisory Board (ISAB)
Why Jepson? I love Jepson because unlike other schools, Jepson doesn't only teach you theories and abstract ideas, but rather prompts you to get hands-on and learn more about the community around you. I have never taken a class I didn't love in Jepson, nor have I ever failed to be amazed by how incredibly knowledgeable and interesting all the Jepson faculty are. There is truly a strong sense of community within Jepson that isn't found anywhere else on campus, which is yet another reason to love Jepson.
Why JSGA? I believe Jepson students have the potential to do incredible things, both as students and alumni, and want to work with everyone to ensure this potential is developed to its fullest.
Fun fact: I live on a [dormant] volcano.

Collin Kavanaugh

Collin Kavanaugh, '18
Vice President for Academic Affairs

Hometown: East Hampton, Long Island, N.Y.
Major(s): Major in Leadership Studies, Minor in Law and the Liberal Arts
Activities: VP of club tennis, Phi Alpha Delta fraternity, and Phi Gamma Delta  
Why JSGA? I joined JSGA so that I could learn more about Jepson as an institution and help promote our many unique professors and interesting curriculum to the community.

Grant Lawlor

Grant Lawlor, '17
Vice President for Special Events

Hometown: Washington Crossing, Pa. 
Major(s):PPEL; Minor in Leadership Studies
Activities: Greek life, Debate Council
Why Jepson? To start, Jepson has a great community of students and a worthwhile curriculum, but it also provides me with an avenue to pursue my passion. I really enjoyed history in high school but was particularly interested in the stories of its leaders. Leadership studies allows me to explore that from multiple angles with knowledgeable faculty who challenge me each day.
Why JSGA? It took me some time to find my place at UR, and thankfully Jepson was there to be a home for me. I want to give back to the faculty and students in this school precisely for that reason. They helped create a home for me, and I’d like to play a part in ensuring that home will be there for future generations.
Fun Fact: I failed arts and crafts in preschool. I still don't know how.

Holly McNaughton

Holly McNaughton, '19
Sophomore senator

Hometown: Providence, R.I. 
Major(s): Leadership Studies and Psychology
Activities: Kappa Alpha Theta, SpoonU, Greeks Going Green
Why Jepson? Jepson challenges me on a daily basis to step outside my own experience and to look at things differently. I am consistently challenged by my professors and fellow students, and am in constant awe of the genius that surrounds me.
Why JSGA? I joined JSGA to help protect and improve this amazing community as well as to work with other committed Jepson students.
Fun Fact: I can't fall asleep without socks on.

Troy Springer

Troy Springer, '18
Executive Assistant

Hometown: Fairfax, Va.
Majors: Leadership Studies; Business Administration—Economics Double Major
Activities: ROTC, Resident Assistant, Finance Society, SLI, working out and playing sports, listening to music (mostly oldies), following sports — NFL, college football, NHL, and NASCAR are my favorites 
Why Jepson? The University of Richmond is a liberal arts school. I value the ability to get both a top notch liberal arts and business education at Richmond. Professor Kaufman's Leadership 101 class taught me how to be a more educated "thinker." Essentially, the way I view the world is constantly evolving. The subjects taught in the Jepson School that range from the humanities, social sciences, political science, philosophy, economics, and even a little English and history, give me a strong foundation in what it means to be an educated leader in the world. 
Why JSGA? I love the Richmond community. I think Jepson is a unique environment for leaders in which we can bring out the very best in both our school and community. 
Fun Fact: I love Star Trek.

Emma Thomas

Emma Thomas, '19
Sophomore Senator

Hometown: Chicago, Il.
Majors: Psychology and Leadership Studies
Activities: Science Leadership Scholar, Best Buddies Exec Team, Tri Delta Fraternity, Club Basketball 
Why Jepson? Jepson helps its students become stronger at asking the essential “why” questions and searching for the answers through history and current issues. Students here take on responsibility and have the passion required of a Jepson student to enhance the lives of everyone around them, particularly the most vulnerable. A strong sense of community has always been a major factor in what I study and how I learn, and the Jepson community is one of collaboration and acceptance, while encouraging and pushing one another to go beyond their limits. 
Why JSGA? Richmond’s mission statement includes a specific phrase that I have taken to heart: “The personal development of its member and the creation of knowledge.” One of my personal goals is to graduate from UR with greater confidence and skill as a leader, and apply it to serving others. In order to “lead lives of consequence that connect intellectual pursuits with moral and competent leadership,” as the Jepson mission states, I want to better understand how my passion for psychology and service intersects with leadership. JSGA provides me with opportunities to serve others given my interests, and help enhance everyone's experience at Richmond. 
Fun Fact: I can outrun most dogs.

Joshua Young

Josh Young, '18 
Vice President for Student Affairs

Hometown: Richmond, Va.
Major(s): Leadership and International Studies; Arabic Studies Minor
Activities: Octaves a Cappella, Roosevelt Institute, Mentor for President Crutcher's mentee group, JSGA
Why Jepson? Its interdisciplinary nature, enabling me to approach, study, and practice leadership from a variety of perspectives.
Why JSGA? I'm a leader who enjoys serving others, especially my immediate peers in the Jepson School.
Fun fact: I speak four languages.

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