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Internship Site Evaluation

(To be completed by the student intern)

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* 1. Please evaluate the internship site, including the quality of supervision, the effectiveness of the organizational orientation, supervisor assistance in development of a leadership task, and receptiveness to you as a part of the organization.

* 2. Please assess the internship experience as an opportunity to link leadership theory and practice, commenting on the extent to which you were able to observe leadership, apply your knowledge of leadership theory, serve as a leader (formally and informally), and enhance your understanding of the practice of leadership.

* 3. Briefly describe your leadership task(s), commenting on the extent to which you gathered and synthesized information, consulted with people of expertise, used communication skills, exercised critical/creative thinking and problem-solving skills, and were involved in a task which was meaningful to the organization and its goals.

* 4. How were your leadership courses relevant to the internship experience? Which class was most beneficial in preparing you for the internship?

* 5. Would you recommend this site to another intern? Why?