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2015–16 Jepson School Dean’s Report

Dear Friends and Colleagues,

At the school's inception, the vision for Jepson was to build for the future by creating a school dedicated to the teaching and scholarship of leadership. Today, faculty pursue research questions so we might better explain and emulate effective and ethical leadership. We teach students for and about leadership so they will be thoughtful participants in the world around us. As political uncertainty abounds abroad and at home, the need for ethical and effective leadership is as paramount as ever. Accordingly, in 2015–16, we continued to build on our strengths — faculty, students, and alumni — to achieve significant new knowledge and understanding, inspiring programs and spirited conversation, and, ultimately, ethical engagement.

Sandra J. Peart, Dean

Building a Foundation for Ethical Leadership

School Launches Science Leadership Scholars ProgramThe Science Leadership Scholars Program provides students with the opportunity to study leadership in the context of scientific pursuits, the ethical challenges associated with the way science is conducted, and the impact that science has on the global community. Read More
Students Attend Hatton W. Sumners Student Leadership ConferenceJepson students met astronaut and 200809 Jepson School Leader-in-Residence Leland Melvin,’86, at the Hatton W. Sumners Student Leadership Conference in Austin, Texas. Read More
Class Visits Estates of Former PresidentsThe Presidential Leadership class visited George Washington’s Mount Vernon, Thomas Jefferson’s Monticello, and James Monroe’s Ash Lawn-Highland. Read More
Ethics Bowl Team Returns to National ChampionshipThe Jepson School Ethics Bowl team placed third in the southeast regional competition, advancing to the APPE Intercollegiate Ethics Bowl Championship in Washington, D.C.
Students Take Part in National Team Selling CompetitionThree Jepson students participated on the University of Richmond team for the National Team Selling Competition at Indiana University at Bloomington Kelley School of Business. Read More
Students Present at Jepson Research SymposiumJepson students presented research on topics such as feminism online, environmentalism, and targeted killing of terrorist leaders at the fourth annual Jepson Research Symposium. Read More
Jepson Student Receives The University Mace AwardHarry Lambert, ’16, who received the Jepson School’s James MacGregor Burns Award, was honored with The University Mace Award during Commencement Weekend.
Students Put Theory Into Practice Through Jepson InternshipAt least 11 students received job offers from their Jepson Internship sites. Read More

Building a Home for a Strong Research Community

Commentary in local and national publications, including

  • The New York Times
  • The Guardian
  • Richmond Times-Dispatch

More than 30 articles published in academic journals, including

  • Journal of Economic Literature
  • The Leadership Quarterly
  • The Journal of Medical Ethics

Four Faculty Books Published

  • College Teaching: Practical Insights from the Science of Teaching and Learning
  • Staging Power in Tudor and Stuart English History Plays: History, Political Thought, and the Redefinition of Sovereignty
  • Leading through Conflict: Into the Fray
  • Frontiers in Spiritual Leadership: Discovering the Better Angels of Our Nature
Terry Price Presented With the Jepson School Award for Leadership and ServiceTerry Price, who stepped down as senior associate dean for academic affairs in June after nine years of service, was presented with the Jepson School Award for Leadership and Service.
Joanne Ciulla Recognized for Service to the UniversityJoanne Ciulla, one of the School’s founding faculty members, was recognized for 25 years of service to the University.
School Hosts Visitors From Moscow State UniversityMBA students from Moscow State University visited the Jepson School to learn about U.S. history, economics, politics, leadership, and ethics, and toured local businesses as part of a trip organized by Anna Gryaznova, 201415 and 201516 Zuzana Simoniova Cmelikova Visiting Scholar.

Building a Platform for Conversation

Jepson Leadership Forum Explores Questions About Human Health and Well-BeingThe 201516 Jepson Leadership Forum, The Fix: Health, Science, and the Future, broke records, with more than 700 people attending Peter Singer’s lecture. Speakers led audiences in imagining what’s possible and learning to think more sharply, live more fully, and do more good. Read More
David Gardner Brings High Energy to Jepson SchoolLeader-in-Residence David Gardner, co-founder of The Motley Fool, used humor to engage students and audiences in discussions of leadership and investing. Read More
Marshall Center Lecture Series Investigates Problems and Prospects of LeadershipThe 201516 Marshall Center Lecture Series hosted speakers such as Don Belt, award-winning writer and former senior editor of National Geographic, and William A. Galston, former policy advisor to President Bill Clinton and the Ezra K. Zilkha Chair in the Brookings Institution’s Governance Studies Program.
Bonnie Marcus Presents Gender and AmbitionAcclaimed career coach Bonnie Marcus discussed the relationship between gender and ambition in the workplace and how women can get ahead. Read More
Building a Bridge to a Global Alumni Network
Elizabeth DeVoss, ’95, Amy Silverstein Levner, ’97, Kent Corso, ’00, and John Sobieski, ’14, participate in a panel discussion surrounding ...
Jepson faculty members at the alumni reception in Washington, D.C.
At the fourth annual Jepson EDGE Institute, 39 Jepson alumni shared how they use their education in their careers and helped students craft their o...

Building an Engaged World

As we look forward to the Jepson School's 25th anniversary, we continue to dedicate ourselves to preparing students to face tomorrow's ethical challenges by strengthening and expanding our study of ethics.

  • Every Jepson student is required to take Leadership Ethics, the capstone course.
  • A number of Jepson faculty have professional interests in the field of ethics.
  • The Zuzana Simoniova Cmelikova Visiting Scholar Program in Leadership and Ethics provides an opportunity for international scholars to develop courses, design programs, and conduct research on the topics of leadership and ethics.
  • Jessica Flanigan coordinates the Political Philosophy Faculty Learning Community, which brings together University of Richmond faculty members who research ethics and political philosophy.
"Through Ethics, I developed a moral perspective." — Abby Huth, '16 #WhatILearnedinEthics
"What I learned in Ethics is that ethics is about relationships between people. So innately, everything about leadership involves ethics."...
"Gut-wrenching topics, like targeted killings, have so many different angles and ways to understand them. Ethics helps me to dissect them all....