12th Annual Summer Institute Conference Papers

Becchio, Giandomenica
Economics in the International Encyclopaedia of Unified Science: from Vienna to the USA

Binney, Joshua D. and J. Daniel Hammond
When Markets Fail: The Pigouvian Margins, the Coase Theorem, and the Ratification of Government Intervention

Buchanan, James M.
Ideology or Error: Economists and the Great Recession

Colander, David C. and Craig Freedman
The Chicago Counter-Revolution and the Loss of the Classical Liberal Tradition

Freitas Ramalho da Silva, Danilo
Friedman, Phelps, Lucas and the Natural Rate of Unemployment

Garnett, Rob
Schools of Thought in the Republic of Social Science

Kasper, Sherry
Why Was Henry Simons Interventionist: The Peculiar Legacy of a Chicago Economist

Levy, David M. and Sandra J. Peart
The Mock Trial of the Economists: Experts and Liberalism

McCann, Jr., Charles R. and Vibha Kapuria-Foreman
Robert Franklin Hoxie and the Road to Scientific Management and Labor

McCloskey, Deirdre
Ethics, Friedman, Buchanan, and the Good Old Chicago School: Getting (Back) to Humanomics

Perelman, Michael
Sex, Lies, and Economics: The Amazing Story and Relevance of Economics and Economists Before Adam Smith

Servant, Régis
What is cultural evolution in the work of F. A. Hayek?

Silvant, Claire
Rules vs. discretion: the debate on free or regulated banking in the mid-19th century French liberal thought

Suprinyak, Carlos Eduardo
The Role of Experts in the Public Assessment of England’s Trade Crisis of the Early 1620’s

Thomas, Michael D.
Bentham Misread: An Examination of Utilitarianism

Tubaro, Paola
Personal drama or theory-building? Georgescu-Roegen on Gossen

Weber, Cameron M.
Re-reading Veblen’s The Theory of the Leisure Class (1899) in the 21st Century

Conference Co-chairs

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Sandra J. Peart, Dean
Jepson School of Leadership Studies
: speart@richmond.edu

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George Mason University
: DavidMLevy@gmail.com