Leadership Ethics Symposium 2010

Leaders and scholars to grapple with evolving perspectives on ethics and leadership at the University of Richmond Sept. 20

Ethics is at the heart of leadership and it's discussed in every profession but it's rare to bring people from different professions together to discuss ethics. For centuries, philosophers have exchanged opinions about right and wrong but only recently have scholars collaborated and integrated their research in fields such as  sociology, psychology, social justice, leadership studies, business and the law.

The September 20 "Evolving Perspectives on Ethics" conference at the University of Richmond will draw upon diverse audiences and different disciplines to examine the changes in ethics, politics, business, law, and leadership.

Timothy M. Kaine, who chairs the Democratic National Committee and served as governor of Virginia from 2006 to 2010, will close the symposium with a talk "Pluralism and moral inquiry: How to find the common good in an increasingly diverse society."

Other keynote speakers are:

  • Frans B. M. de Waal, primatologist, author, and scholar on "Is Man a Wolf to Man? - Morality and the Social Behavior of our Fellow Primates"
  • Betsy Myers, leadership expert, author, and former COO to the Obama Presidential Campaign on "Ethics in Business and Politics: the Importance of Putting People First"
  • Rachel Kranton, economist, scholar, and author on "Identity Economics: A New Perspective on Incentives and Ethics"

Concurrent sessions will explore topics such as values-based organizations, intellectual property, ethics and environmental law, and social entrepreneurship.

  • Biographies, complete schedule and registration details are online.
  • The conference is free and open to the public.
  • Registration is required by Sept. 10.
  • For more information call (804) 287-1960.
  • For attorneys: approval is pending for 2 MCLE credits

Jointly sponsored by the University's Jepson School, Robins School of Business and the University of Richmond School of Law, the event is made possible by a grant from the Richard Davoud Donchian Foundation, which is dedicated to "building the framework for intelligent, ethical and compassionate leadership."

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