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The Study of Ethics

Critical thinking and ethical reasoning have been at the heart of the Jepson School's curriculum since its founding in 1992. Developing the ability to identify and respond to ethical problems and cultivating a sense of justice and concern for others should be part of every student’s education, especially those who aspire to positions of leadership. This is why the study of ethics undergirds the leadership studies curriculum.

Every Jepson student is required to take Leadership Ethics, the capstone course.

The Jepson School's ethics bowl team participates APPE InterCollegiate Ethics Bowl competition.

The Jepson School is a scholarly center for the study and teaching of ethics and leadership. A number of Jepson faculty have professional interests in the field of ethics.

Zuzana Simoniova Cmelikova Visiting Scholar Program in Leadership and Ethics provides an opportunity for international scholars to develop courses, design programs, and conduct research on the topics of leadership and ethics.

The Political Philosophy Faculty Learning Community at the University of Richmond brings together faculty members who research ethics and political philosophy. The group, which is coordinated by Dr. Jessica Flanigan, assistant professor of leadership studies, discusses recent scholarship in order to support each other’s research, create new opportunities for collaboration in the classroom, and develop faculty mentorship networks.

2015-16 Jepson Ethics Bowl Team

2015-16 Jepson School Ethics Bowl team

The 2015–16 Jepson School ethics bowl team finished 3rd in the regional competition to advance to national championship.